Auburn National Chapter Visit and Chartership

Auburn Chapter Visit and Chartership
Chris Godfrey
National Advisor

 “Behold how good and how pleasant it is for brothers to dwell together in unity.” I have been blessed with the opportunity to be a small part in the Omega Chapter’s history at Auburn University, having visited them as a chapter since before I had even graduated from college. Last week was an encouraging milestone for both the men of the Omega Chapter and across the nation; they reached a time in their growth that they earned their National BYX charter.

It was an event-filled few days as I flew from Dallas to Atlanta with fellow advisor Nick England. Then I split ways with the newly engaged staff member, as he went to the Pi Chapter at The University of Georgia and I went to the Omega Chapter at Auburn University. I arrived to get dinner with the fifth officer corps of BYX at Auburn. We ate a southern meal at Good Ol’ Boys with fried catfish, veggies (more fried stuff), sweet tea and dessert. The men shared with me the exciting things that the Lord has been doing in the chapter. God is at work in the members’ lives as there have been many necessary conversations recently about what the chapter should be based on. The members agree that as the chapter grows, the one thing that every member has in common is the common bond of Jesus Christ. This purpose of Brothers Under Christ continues to show in the overflow of the brothers in conversations and the way they are getting involved on campus. After dinner and meeting, we broke for the evening before the busy day ahead of us.
Monday, National BYX President Jason Hoyt and Chief Development Officer Brian Lee flew in to Birmingham, Alabama, to drive down and join us at Auburn. I continued to meet with each officer and several brothers and alumni that had come in to town for the chartership ceremony. Pledgeship is rocking this semester, with pledge captain Jordan French at the helm. The chapter recruited 16 pledges and has been challenging them through missions, retreat and various other activities. I was able to join after chapter Monday night for pledge time, where they took a pledge quiz and then practiced a Backstreet Boys and N’Sync mashup that they performed the following day for several sororities. This builds on the growth that Jordan Davis, vice-president, has been working on this semester. Chaplain Will Roberson has been giving the weekly devotionns at chapter meetings. When I arrived, they had just gotten back from a chapter retreat that took place in the pouring rain but still had fun at it.
The evening festivities began with dinner at Momma G’s, an Auburn classic. Founding president, Clint Brown, and past president, Andrew Bell, joined the current officers for this pre-ceremony meal. Jason and Brian arrived in town just prior to it as well. Following dinner, we headed over to the Auburn chapel where a brief chapter meeting with announcements and worship took place before we broke for a brief intermission for the ceremony.
It was the first chartership ceremony to take place since 2008, and it was the first to take place at the local chapter. It was an enjoyable time for all, and the members all stuck around afterwards to celebrate with National staff and one another. The pledges were able to see the importance of ceremonies and get a bigger picture of what BYX is all about. Chartership’s importance is not greater privelege, but a great opportunity and challenge to be involved with the growth and future of Beta Upsilon Chi. Following this busy Monday, we joined many members and pledges for the traditional early morning breakfast at Price’s BBQ House! So good. After breakfast, Jason, Brian and myself met up with chapter president Will Culpepper and Jordan French.
It is an exciting time at Auburn because BYX continues to have a growing presence, and men have an opportunity to join a fraternity that is based on the common bond of Jesus Christ and have the best experience a college-aged man can have. The National Staff and Board are excited about what is to come of the Omega Chapter in the coming days.


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