Nationals Visits the University of Missouri

By Chris Godfrey
National Advisor

Even though Mizzou joined the SOUTH-Eastern Conference recently, it sure gets cold in the winter! After three previous visits to the Sigma Chapter, thankfully I have learned to come prepared for whatever the weather may be! This chapter has really focused this semester on building on its foundations as a strong brother-focused chapter by growing socially this year. When I arrived, previous chapter president, Cole Crawford, picked me up from the little regional airport in Columbia, Missouri. The other members of the chapter were having a service event at a foster care center with the Sigma Kappa sorority which proved a huge success with everyone that participated.

While the brothers were wrapping up the service event, a few of us made a trip just outside of Columbia to the capital of Missouri- Jefferson City. Right near the capital building, which happens to be overlooking the Missouri River, there is a little ice-cream shop called Central Dairy. Cole, Josh and I splurged and got some ice-cream that we ate right next to the capital before we headed back to Columbia.

I joined the brothers at Fuddruckers where they were having a ‘tween lunch and dinner meal. Getting to see the guys right off of the bat was a treat and a great start to my visit. After setting up officer meetings and conversations for the week, I headed back to current chapter president Jay Wallis’ house. He was able to share with me some of the exciting opportunities that the brothers have been blessed to be a part of and invest time and resources in this semester. Big brother ceremony was also Sunday night, so we put on out heavy coats and wool socks and headed out to the field where we had a bonfire and the special ceremony. The chapter has six pledges this semester, each with different strengths and personalities that will continue to help grow the Mizzou Chapter.

Monday I was able to have breakfast with chaplain Daniel Bristow, who I have had the privilege of getting to know since his first semester freshman year. He’s a busy guy as an RA and officer, but he has been able to continue to challenge the fraternity to grow as brothers and through cell groups and chapter. Following breakfast I met up with VP Landon Chard, treasurer Adam Tilley, and pledge captain Trent “Dabos3” Madden. Trent has a huge heart for growing rush and recruitment, and this has overflowed to the rest of the chapter. He also has a big vision for what pledgeship will look like both this spring and fall. Landon really has a vision for a chapter that is involved on campus and socially. He has worked hard with the officers and brothers to make this vision a reality as he continues to build the calendar.

Monday night was chapter, which I headed to after an officer dinner at FlatBranch Pub and Grill. These officers seem to be able to support one another and cast a vision to the chapter that will continue to grow their campus presence by growing internally and having that overflow externally. Following all the officer meetings, Jay and I got breakfast on Tuesday where we were able to debrief and talk about the rest of the semester and the exciting opportunities in the brotherhood both socially and spiritually.  It is an exciting season in the life of Mizzou BYX, and the men continue to cast a vision that can help steer the chapter in a positive direction.


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