Nationals Visits the University of Oklahoma

By Chris Godfrey
National Advisor 

After a couple weeks of not traveling, I kicked off another month of visits at the Boomer Sooner school, The University of Oklahoma. Three National Staff members went on the trek. Brian Lee, Jason Hoyt and I headed north out of Texas up I-35 to join the Kappa Chapter for a few days. Brian Lee was able to get a taste of a chapter that is actively involved on its campus through many different, avenues such as working as sorority house boys, hosting date parties, participating in service events and much more. It had been a few years since Jason Hoyt had been to Norman, so he decided to join in as well. 

When we arrived to Norman, the officers, led by President Zach Van Meter, and brothers were continually rolling out the red carpet for us. We began the week with dinner at a restaurant called The Mont, where we ate by sitting in a carpeted blue room on the floor. The officers were able to talk through past and future events of the semester and then follow up by asking Jason and Brian questions about their experiences with and in BYX.

This semester has been filled with all sorts of activities, including initiation of the fall pledge class, a new venue for chapter, several service opportunities and kicking off cell groups. We enjoyed getting to hear the OU scoop over a good meal, which there would be plenty more of on our trip.

Following dinner, we headed over to campus to the Wesley, where chapter is now held. Brothers started showing up for chair meetings and then for chapter. Many men have made it to their senior semester this year, and they continue to be involved in various roles.

Chapter is a highlight of the week for the brothers as they get to catch up and then worship with their brothers. Although it was a new venue for chapter, we are almost too large for it! It was encouraging seeing a group of men that does so much on campus for the Lord through BYX.

After worship, the officers put together a “game” for the chapter that the three of us were able to partake in which consisted of a little dance action. Of course at the end of the game, Zach Van Meter and I were left being ridiculous for everyone else’s enjoyment. Jason challenged and encouraged the chapter and opened the floor for questions. Following Jason’s talk, the BYX a capella group took the floor for a surprise serenade! Wrapping up chapter we had a great time of prayer for the men.

The rest of the trip consisted of meetings with current officers and chairs as well as past and lots of food. We never went hungry because of the charm of the ol’ college town dives and favorites. We had Ozzie’s Diner by the airport for breakfast, followed by Café Plaid for lunch and Victoria’s Pasta for dinner. 

The men shared their hearts with the three of us, and also their plans for the year ahead. Near the end of our visit and after a day filled with meetings, we joined the officers for some fun at a trampoline park just north of Oklahoma City. After trampoline park fun and dinner, we were back to work over a late night officer meeting. Each officer takes his responsibility seriously and serves to the best of his ability, making things go much more smoothly than if they did it half-heartedly. 

We closed out our trip to OU by having breakfast at Syrup on Main Street and then almost getting stuck in Oklahoma because of a snowstorm! What an exciting time to be a part of the Oklahoma Chapter, and there is so much going on to be proud about.


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