Nationals Visits NC State University

By Chris Godfrey
National Advisor

It’s the start of a new year, and the month of January has already “flown” by! I kicked off the 2013 spring semester with a trip to NC State for rush week.

I arrived Sunday just in time for an officer dinner and then chapter. The men of the Alpha Alpha Chapter of BYX have started talking about bringing down the walls at their weekly chapter meetings. Justin Sawyer, 2012 president, talked to the men about laziness and apathy. At the end of the devotional, 2013 officers, Gray Rudd and Adam Cheek brought out the saw and brought down part of the wall!

The Alpha Alpha Chapter brings out the Cheer Wine soda whenever Nationals comes to town, and we all enjoyed a bottle at the end of the chapter meeting. This chapter has grown so much in tradition and doing things with excellence over the past few years. Chapter meeting was an exciting and encouraging time as brothers came together and enjoyed fellowship and cell group challenges.

 Monday morning was MLK day, and the brothers didn’t have class. I met several brothers for breakfast at the State Farmers Market. Talk about some good home cooking! We enjoyed talking about life and about things that they can do as a chapter. 
After breakfast, I joined Gray and Adam for a hike on some trails around the lake nearby. What a beautiful day in North Carolina! Adam has stepped up as president this year, and he has challenged the men to grow as a chapter not only in numbers but also on campus and in their walks with the Lord.  
I was able to join the men for the beginning of rush week. The chapter threw a party earlier this month to build interest, but I was there for campus cleanup and campus golf activities. Even though the temperature plummeted between Monday and Tuesday, we had reason to celebrate rush week with some ice cream to follow-up our campus cleanup service project!
Tuesday was quite busy; we had officer one-on-ones during the day, an officer meeting, dinner and then campus golf. One of the meetings with Will, the 2013 VP, was at the world’s largest Chick-fil-A—what a treat. This trip was a whirlwind! It is always a privilege to see how close these brothers are and experience brotherhood and unity at its finest. The new officers have stepped up to the plate, and they are trying to continue to make the Alpha Alpha Chapter even better. Be in prayer for these men as they continue to seek out what the Lord has in store for them.

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