Summit Ski Week 2013 Update

By Robert Bember
Senior Communications Advisor

Hello from beautiful Keystone, Colorado! We are at the halfway point for Summit Ski Week 2013 with plenty of great moments to share and no major injuries to report (yet.)
The main attraction to Summit Ski Week is the opportunity to hit some of the nicest slopes in the country with brothers from across the nation. The majority of brothers spent the first day in Keystone. Today, a number of groups are venturing over to Breckenridge and Vail. There hasn’t been a cloud in the sky since we’ve taken to the slopes. We couldn’t ask for better weather or snow conditions so far. Some of the brothers from the Alpha Chapter at the University of Texas captured some great footage from their helmet camera that we’re excited to share in the future.
A group of men that has chosen not to ski has gotten to explore the area. Yesterday, the brothers spent the day in Dillon, and are checking out Breckenridge today. The town of Breckenridge is a great tourist attraction whether or not you are a skier. The small group of non-skiers has helped to develop some close relationships fairly quickly.
Last night, all of the brothers gathered for dinner at the mountain house, our meeting space at the base of one of Keystone’s mountains. The brothers screamed and clapped over the big plays in the Fiesta Bowl as we showed the game on the projector screen during dinner. Tonight, we’ll watch the Oklahoma Sooners and Texas A&M Aggies face off in the Cotton Bowl. The riot control unit is on speed dial since both chapters are well represented at Summit.
We put on our own halftime show during the Fiesta Bowl. Andrew Nguyen of the Texas State Chapter led the brothers in a time of worship. I had chills by the end of the first line of the first verse at the sound of brothers from across the country worshipping in unison. The Holy Spirit was moving.
As we continued to worship in song, a few people not affiliated with our group began to gather outside of the meeting room to listen. BYX continues to shine as a beacon of Christ’s love when the men are hundreds of miles from their campuses. So cool.
After singing, Chief Development Officer Brian Lee took the floor for a brief devotional before kickoff of the third quarter. Brian shared on how to be prepared when the Lord places a calling in your life. With any number of opportunities coming at our men during their college years and those immediately following graduation, hearing such a message proved applicable for the brothers. Tonight’s evening activities will look similar.
This afternoon, we will begin filming for a new promotional video intended to showcase what BYX is and what it has meant to our brothers by filming a number of short, one-sentence testimonies from our men. By showing a number of brothers, we hope to show how wide and significant the impact of BYX is. We’re excited to see how the project comes together.
Continue to be in prayer that the event would be pleasing in the eyes of the Lord. Ask that a spirit of unity would fall on the retreat. And, of course, pray for the continued safety of our men as they hit the slopes tomorrow and travel home on Sunday.

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