Newest Chapters Continue to Excel

By Nick England
National Advisor

Since coming on staff in 1846, I’ve had the privilege to help start our last 10 chapters. This year in particular has been especially fruitful with the founding of our three newest chapters, Tennessee, Clemson and Yale.

BYX launched at the University of Tennessee officially in January of 2012. They had 21 founding fathers and plenty of excitement. Over the past 10 months, these men have worked hard to make a name for themselves on campus and it has paid off. In the spring they initiated nine pledges and this fall they have 16 pledges who were recently initiated as brothers.
Tennessee has also done a great job getting plugged into the Greek system on campus. They currently hold a Bible study with the ladies of Alpha Delta Pi. Each week, guys and girls meet up for a joint study of 1 Corinthians. Last semester they studied Ephesians with them. This has sparked a great relationship between BYX and ADPi, which is the largest sorority on Tennessee’s campus.
Perhaps one of their greatest accomplishments has been their BYX Rave. In the spring, the men put on a BYX Rave at the Sunsphere in Knoxville. Nearly 300 people came to what was one of the most popular events on campus that year. Due to such great success, the men decided to move the event to the fall permanently and held the event again this September. Nearly 800 people came and many were turned away due to fire hazard. However, the event was a success, as the men at Tennessee know how to throw a great party.
At Clemson University, BYX launched officially in August of 2012. These men have done a great job in such a short amount of time in kicking off BYX on their campus. Over the summer, they did a great deal of legwork to get BYX recognized as an independent Greek fraternity. As such, the men are considered a fraternity by university standards and are able to tailgate with fraternities, compete against them in on-campus functions and are granted certain rush privileges.
To announce the founding of the chapter, the men at Clemson held an open party concert with free food, games and music. The party was a success and about 300 students joined in on the fun. The men have also purchased a Clemson BYX tailgating tent for their tailgates this semester. To close out the year, they will hold a country western two-stepping party in December. While the shag is the more popular dancing style in South Carolina, these men are branching out into the wild world of two-stepping.
BYX at Yale University has had a good semester so far. Much of this semester has been spent planning for their first rush in the spring. This November, the men will come to Texas for their first National Officer Training in which they will be equipped to go back to New Haven and continue to grow BYX on their campus. You can read more about the Yale Chapter in this article from World On Campus.

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