National Officer Training

By Jason Hoyt
Executive Director

The fall semester has really gone quickly. BYX continues to be the greatest college fraternity experience for a Christian man. We exceeded 600 pledges in one semester for the first time and we launched new chapters at Clemson and Yale this fall alone. The Lord continues to use BYX to draw more men to himself and provide them with a fraternity experience that brings glory to His name.

One of the most challenging aspects to BYX is the transition of leadership that occurs each year. The current years officers are in a groove where they know what they are supposed to do and have worked out the vast majority of questions on how to execute the vision of BYX.  Elections have come and gone already for the next group of leaders. These young men are wideeyed and excited for their opportunity to lead but are likely still in the dark over what to expect from their year in leadership.

National Officer Training is one of the most important weekends of the year for all of BYX. The weekend encompasses all of the aspects of who we are as Beta Upsilon Chi. Brotherhood is on full display as brother chapters work together in Battle of the Brethren. Our men experience unity with officers from all over the country who share unique backgrounds, testimonies and BYX experiences. 

I always look forward to seeing and hearing how the Lord moves through our worship together. It encourages me greatly to hear so many young men desiring to know Jesus more and that passion spills into our worship. This year, we have the privilege of Tim Halperin, a Fort Worth-based singer/songwriter and former American Idol finalist, leading us in worship. Tim is an alumnus of the TCU Chapter. We’re grateful he’s taking time out of his busy schedule to be a part of this weekend. 

National Officer Training is vital to Beta Upsilon Chi. It is a common thread among all of our chapters where the vision of BYX is unpacked by national leadership. Big picture vision gives way to setting the expectations for each officer in their roles. We walk through not only what is expected for each role, but discuss examples and ideas around those expectations. Each officer will walk away excited and prepared to serve the fraternity in their role. Each officer will walk away with a broadened view of how God is using BYX in the lives of our men and the campuses where we thrive. Each officer will walk away with new brothers that they now call lifelong friends because of the common bond we share in Jesus Christ.

Please be in prayer for the young men who will lead BYX into 2013. Pray for the weekend ahead as brothers travel from all over the country to unite together in Denton. Pray for us here at Nationals as we put the final touches on this years National Officer Training. Pray that the Lord would continue to use BYX to impact young college men and the campuses we serve.


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