Nationals Visits Texas A&M University

By Robert Bember
Senior Communications Advisor
I wish I could say there were no negatives to take away from my visit to College Station, but that would be a lie. The Gamma Chapter is an elite BYX chapter, but recently the chapter has fallen victim to idolatry of major proportions. The golden calf that has captured the affections of the brothers bears the name of Johnny Football.
My goodness if I had a dime for every time I heard the name Johnny Football during my short trip to Aggieland, I would probably retire and not spend my time trying to come up with something funny to say on the BYX blog (this is the best you’re going to get out of me today). It’s out of control. During a recent game of bigger and better, a game where pledges started with a small item and made trades with individuals to see who could come up with the best item in the end, a group was able to commandeer an autograph from Johnny Manziel… on his boxers! It reeks of idol worship.
Aside from that, the Gamma Chapter is on a roll. I’ve been blessed to advise the brothers through a number of challenging situations and see them come out the other side stronger than before. Every step of the way the men have been quick to listen to my guidance and submit to the authority of Nationals. In doing so, they have been able to position themselves as one of our strongest chapters.
As they’ve continued to refine their chapter, the brothers have gained a ton of momentum on campus. BYX was once thought to be an afterthought to other organizations for Christian men, but they’ve been able to level the playing field with those other outstanding organizations in recent years by building a strong campus presence.
The 2012 officers have placed an emphasis on taking pride in BYX. As the brothers have done so, more and more people on campus are beginning to recognize BYX as an elite organization. Most panhellenic sororities have made a point to get BYX on their calendar this semester, and the brothers have been able to strengthen their relationships in the Greek with some great events and strong showing in philanthropies.
I was in town for arguably the biggest chapter meeting of the semester: election night. The chapter has no shortage of strong leaders within the chapter and qualified candidates for office. After the results, a number of the brothers shared positive reviews of the men elected for 2013.
President Matt Struble and I met with Pledge Captain-elect Jayson Fisher and President-elect Tyler Owens right after chapter meeting. I enjoyed getting to know the brothers that will be taking the reins for the Gamma Chapter. The other four officers caught up with me on Tuesday. There is already a natural chemistry in the group. It’s always tough for me to see a group of men I’ve enjoyed serving with leave office, but the 2013 brothers will do a great job.
The time I spent in my one-on-ones with the Gamma Chapter officers was refreshing. The brothers welcome me and treat me so well. The men don’t seem to see our time spent together as a transaction but as a time to enjoy community with a fellow brother. I’m encouraged by the time that I spend with these officers and could brag on them for a while.
Matt and Tyler took me to the Tuesday night on-campus worship service called Breakaway. Breakaway is a prominent ministry that I’ve heard of for a while, but I hadn’t gotten to check out for myself until now. Students filled about a third of the university’s basketball arena for contemporary worship and teaching from Scripture.

The officers were kind enough to wake up for breakfast as Cracker Barrel before I headed out of town. They share a strong and evident unity on the officer team. They’re a joy to be around. Their chemistry has helped them to improve and already strong chapter.

I finished my traveling for the semester on a high note. Few groups of officers leave me feeling more encouraged than this group at A&M. I’ve enjoyed building relationships with these officers and will miss serving them, but the Lord has raised up another group of brothers that will undoubtedly be a blessing in my life and the lives of many brothers in the Gamma Chapter.

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