Nationals Visits the University of Arkansas

By Chris Godfrey
National Advisor
The University of Arkansas BYX Chapter visit came in the middle of the semester during officer nominations and the heart of pledgeship. This visit was special for us this year as Executive Director Jason Hoyt joined me on the visit to continue encouraging and casting vision to the men. In a semester where we have many new pledges, Jason was able to come and share the vision of BYX and meet with many brothers over the course of only a couple days!

When we arrived, Will (treasurer) and Matt (secretary) picked us up from the Northwest Arkansas Airport and drove us through Bentonville, Arkansas, the home of Wal-Mart. We were able to walk around the trails of the Crystal Bridges Museum and then go in and see some of the famous artwork that the Walton family has acquired at the great museum. Going to Arkansas, I am always reminded just how much business Wal-Mart continues to get and how it affects our brothers lives as they go to a school where the business college is largely funded by the Sam Walton foundation.
God is continuing to use BYX at The University of Arkansas. The brothers are heavily involved on campus through various student organizations and workplaces. They have several houseboys that serve at the sorority houses, which continue to prove helpful in our Greek relations. The men just won a sorority philanthropic race, with the prize being a free mixer with the sorority! Daniel Rock, the Arkansas pledge captain, has been hard at work this semester organizing the large pledge class and leading them through a challenging and yet fun pledge semester.
While we were in Arkansas, we were introduced to several interesting and unique restaurants! We made a stop back by Momma Dean’s, which serves soul food, but we also went to a restaurant that specializes in creative grilled cheese sandwiches. We were able to have breakfast with National Advisor Jordan Difani right before he left to visit the Central Arkansas chapter.
It is always exciting to visit these men and see how God continues to work in BYX at Arkansas through cell groups, socials, brotherhood activities and so much more. Continue to be in prayer for these brothers to be intentional as they grow inward as a brotherhood and outward to impact the campus for the Kingdom!

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