Nationals Visit the University of Texas

By Robert Bember
Senior Communications Advisor

I spent a little time with the men of the Alpha Chapter during the weekend of the Red River Shootout (take that political correctness), and then traveled to the Longhorns home turf for my chapter visit on the Sunday after the game. 
I met with the Alpha Chapter officers over dinner to watch the Texans take on the Green Bay Packers. A few officers, like myself, hail from Houston and have endured a number of rough football seasons over the course of the team’s 10 years of existence. It’s been exciting to see them put it together this season, but then they ran into Aaron Rogers, who made us look like Texans of old. It was a rough football weekend for some of the men in the Alpha Chapter.
Our conversations over dinner were substantially better than the Texans secondary on Sunday night. We talked through some big-picture vision items as well as how best to execute certain ideas. The officers of the Alpha Chapter are sharp. Each officer had experience and insight to add to the lively discussions.
As soon as I met with the officers, I recognized just how exhausted the men were. They have poured so much of themselves into the chapter this semester. During my weekly conversations with President Travis Marshall, he has told me about how tired the officers are. He said they have expected the semester to slow down after the break-neck speed of the first few weeks with rush, assigning cell groups and matching bigs with littles. It hasn’t.
The officers keep pressing on and serving their men to the best of their ability. I don’t think I’ve had the privilege of serving a group of officers that could outwork these men. The men give it their all in the classroom, the chapter and the church. They display discipline and commitment in all facets of their lives. Other officer teams can learn a lesson from the example of these men.
I took a slightly different approach with the officers this trip given the fact that they were beat. During my one-on-ones, I put a greater emphasis on caring for the men and hearing where they are at with the Lord. I shortened my list of questions pertaining to their responsibilities and focused on their heart. I wanted them to walk away feeling built up and restored. I’m appreciative that the brothers let me into their lives by sharing what the Lord has been doing as of late.
Chapter meeting on Monday night proved to be a special time. I can’t recall a better experience worshiping in song with a chapter than I had with the Alpha Chapter. The three brothers who played together did an outstanding job, but it was the chapter, as a whole, that made the experience special. Standing in the front row of the lecture hall, I was overwhelmed with God’s goodness as I listened to a group of 200-plus brothers crying out to the Lord. I just laughed and smiled at different times as I enjoyed simply listening to my brothers sing. God was there, and He was moving mightily.

After chapter meeting, I got to sit in on a president’s council meeting. The president’s council consists of a diverse group of members that Travis bounces ideas off of consistently. On this night, they discussed if and how they should expand the officer team by adding positions.

Pledge Trainer Joe Work joined the discussion as they examined the possibility of adding a second pledge trainer. He has run himself ragged leading a pledge class which functions almost like its own fraternity. His pledge team has served well, and the pledges are outstanding, but it’s a heavy burden for one officer to carry. The members of the council have a tangible love for BYX, and they added great insights into the discussion. I loved helping these men through such a major decision and seeing how they approached the situation with unity and brotherly love.
The Alpha Chapter is excelling in a number of areas. The social calendar is packed with great events. Vice President Matt Waterman is putting a greater emphasis on community service this semester by utilizing a service chair to provide the brothers with a number of opportunities. Cell groups are thriving after a massive reorganizing effort by Chaplain John Wilbur and the officer team.

Secretary Daniel Ogilvie has chapter meeting outlined to the minute in an effort to keep it as efficient as possible for their busy brothers. Treasurer Andrew Weissgarber has been a good steward of the chapters finances, which has allowed them to provide a great fraternity experience for their brothers. The chapter wouldn’t run without them.

The hard work of the men in the Alpha Chapter is paying off. It’s encouraging to see men serving the fraternity as diligently as these men are.


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