My Story: Boasting in the cross through the lives of our men

By Jason Hoyt
Executive Director

BYX is a Christian Fraternity. The fraternity is made up of brothers from all walks of life in all part of the country heading in all different directions. The common thread of our brothers is the redeeming work of Jesus Christ. Jesus has done a work in our lives so much so that the Gospel has become our everything. The Gospel is God’s reconciling work through Christ. Through the life, death and resurrection of Christ, God is continually transforming our lives to reflect more of who Jesus is. That is the essence of the Christian faith and the essence of our Christian fraternal brotherhood.

About five years ago, we recognized the power in the stories of our brothers and set out to make known some of stories of God’s work through BYX in the lives of our brothers. We decided to call the videos “My Story” and have set out to feature the transforming work of the Gospel in the lives of our brothers. 
Many of the videos are public through our YouTube channel and some have been featured in our year-end letters to alumni and parents of our members. Some of the videos are private in nature and are intended solely for the active brothers in the fraternity.  Here is one of the stories that we produced in 2011 featuring Sean Kelly, an active member in our Oklahoma BYX chapter.

With every brother, there is a story to tell and with every chapter there are stories to tell.  The “My Story” videos are our effort to tell the stories of lives changed by the Gospel through the fraternal brotherhood of Beta Upsilon Chi.  If you would like to visit our testimonies page on our website, you can view more videos and read more about the impact of BYX on our brothers lives. If you have a story to tell, please contact your national advisor. We are always looking to showcase the ways in which the grace of our Lord has worked in our men.


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