Legacy Chapter just around the corner

By Jason Hoyt
Executive Director

Alumni relations is a large task.  Several years ago we tried with limited success to bring alumni together in the city in which they live. We hosted a series of alumni events in Dallas, Houston, Austin, Tulsa, Oklahoma City and Atlanta. We learned that our men either were not ready to network and socialize with other brothers in their city or they simply were not interested in networking and socializing in that way. We sat back and asked ourselves, “What would motivate alumni?” “What do they want to be a part of?” The answer led us to the idea of “Legacy Chapter.”

The vision for Legacy Chapter is simple: to connect alumni back to their local chapter and expose current members to some of the history of their chapter. Once the chapter founders graduate, there is only a few short years before no one in the chapter knows any of the founders except by name. How much more respect will current members of BYX have for the legacy and tradition of Beta Upsilon Chi if they hear the story of its founding or the testimony of a prominent alumnus regularly?  For alumni, Legacy Chapter is intended to provide an opportunity to join with their old brothers for a weekend back on campus and experience what the Lord is doing in BYX now.

This fall marks the 3rd Annual Legacy Chapter events happening on each chartered chapters campus. Chapters are strongly encouraged to plan around football games as they often draw our alumni back to campus. Many chapters have taken to the idea and built out an entire weekend of alumni and member activities including coffee house socials or dinners on Friday night, Legacy Chapter on Saturday morning followed by fantastic tailgate prior to kick-off of the big game.

Our hope is that Legacy Chapter becomes a staple event for members and alumni.  Alumni will plan to make their one trip back to campus for a football game around Legacy Chapter.  Members will look forward to the day when they are alumni and can return back to campus with their brothers.


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