Nationals Visit NC State

By Chris Godfrey
National Advisor

 Down, set, RUSH! This week kicked off college football season, but I also had the privilege of joining the Alpha Alpha Chapter of BYX at NC State for Rush Week 2012. I have enjoyed seeing these men grow in their walks with the Lord and also in their desire to impact their campus for Him.  These men have worked hard since the spring recruiting their next pledge class through many different ways. They have talked with guys at FCAs, youth groups, orientations and the “Brickyard” in the middle of campus. All of this preparation led up to the week long festivities called rush.
When I arrived on Sunday, I dove right in with the officers during their weekly meeting. After the thorough officer meeting, we had dinner at a popular Italian restaurant called Amedeos and headed to chapter meeting. The chapter has revamped their weekly meetings by incorporating different men leading worship, new traditions and weekly cell group challenges called “Golden BYX Challenges.” It is encouraging to see so much energy at this chapter and that the men are using it to grow BYX and their testimony on campus.
I took part in the many pledge week activities, which included: campus golf, poker and pizza, flag football and serving the homeless dinner one night. I finally got to join the NC State men for campus golf—a highlight of rush. There are several “holes” around campus that you aim for by playing golf with a tennis ball. It was a privilege to see these men hard at work and getting to be a part of recruitment. We also discussed this semester’s pledge retreat and schedule so that details would be done with excellence.
This last week ESPNU was on campus so I joined a few brothers in their march against the Tennessee Volunteers. During my free time on this visit, I also really enjoyed one-on-one meetings with almost each brother. It is always encouraging but also a challenge to me to hear how God is at work in our brothers’ lives.
I expect many great things to continue to happen with this Chapter as they continue to seek God in all that they do and continue to grow in their presence on campus.

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