Nationals Initiates Clemson as the Alpha Eta Chapter of BYX

By Nick England
National Advisor

The Clemson chapter was certainly a special one to initiate. This group of men is one of the hardest working prospective chapters I have had the privilege to work with and it shows. With 24 founding fathers, they have one of the largest prospective groups in recent years.

I arrived in Clemson on Sunday, August 19, just in time to administer the pledge test. After the men passed their pledge test it was our distinct honor to initiate all 24 founding fathers. Then we immediately went out to celebrate at Cook Out where one can purchase a milk shake with anything you could dream of in it. And by anything, I mean anything. Go ahead, think of something.
Yes, even that.
The next day, Jason and I met with each of the officers. We discussed their upcoming first rush events and helped them prepare for the semester. We were also able to meet with university officials to set up BYX as an Independent Greek Fraternity. This status allows our men to interact with the campus utilizing nearly all of the privileges that other fraternities have including tailgating and participating in other Greek events.
Before we headed back to our hotel on Monday night, we got to attend one of their first rush events. This event was planned by members only and carried the same atmosphere that many of our older chapters strive for in their rush events. Complete with drinks, corn hole and good music, these men know what it takes to throw a good rush event.
All in all, our visit to Clemson was a great one. The Alpha Eta Chapter of BYX is on its way to become a great addition to both our fraternal family and the Clemson campus.
Clemson President Conner Hodges shows the chapter sponsors Shane Lewis (center) and J.T. Thompson (right) around Frank Howard Field at Memorial Stadium.
Executive Director Jason Hoyt (center) poses with the 24 founding fathers of the Alpha Eta Chapter.
Clemson founding fathers work on their pledge test prior to being initiated. The new brothers devoted much time and effort to learning the fraternity history and secrets.
The men of the Alpha Eta Chapter show off their custom cornhole boards at their inaugural rush party.
Clemson President Conner Hodges shares what to expect from the Alpha Eta Chapter during their first semester.

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