Nationals Visits UNT

There are many benefits to working with the Theta Chapter at the University of North Texas. First off, the university is only 40 minutes from my house. Second, I get to sleep in my own bed. Third, they’re awesome guys. That’s in no particular order. Living so close to the guys makes it easy to develop of strong relationship with the chapter.
I try to make a couple trips up to Denton throughout the course of the semester, rather than making one trip for a few days. So they get their fair share of me. Earlier in the spring, President Ryan Vance told me they’d be playing dodgeball on a night that I happened to be available. Those nights are few and far between, so I took advantage of it.
The officers decided it would be a good idea to eat at Babe’s before dodgeball, so they didn’t get my best effort, but it was a great time. I was reminded of how much fun it was for days after as my right arm recovered.
I met with a couple officers on my first trip up, including fellow Houstonian and Klenk Cougar Jeff Stevens, who spent most of his meeting talking Houston sports with me. There was still a lot of work to be done on my second trip up.
I met with Secretary Ben Boyd in UNT’s new Business Leadership Building, where cell phone service goes to die. Ben has done a great job with the secretary role. He’s a second-year officer, so understands not only how to do his job, but also how to contribute to a team and take on extra responsibilities.
I then got the chance to coach Pledge Captain Ben Hermance and a number of brothers on recruitment. Eight members of the chapter showed up for a brainstorming session. I was happy to see that many guys taking an active part in recruitment. It’s a start because it will take the whole chapter.
We discussed how they’ve recruited in the past, how to gather contacts and how to reach out to men once you’ve acquired contact information. The men had some great ideas, and we were able to get a schedule in place with a number of deadlines.
Recruiting is especially important this summer for the Theta Chapter. As you may recall, I bartered with Theta Task Force One in their attempts to acquire intel on the high-value individual known as Murray. We made the deal, and now that they’ve acquired Murray, they have to get 15 pledges in the fall or deliver him to me.
I met with two of the three Burns brothers afterwards. Ryan is serving as national initiatives chair and Michael is the vice president. Michael and I talked through what their frozen themed Island Party will look like. The brothers will have dunking booths and music on campus one afternoon in hopes of getting lots of traffic between classes.
The brothers sprung a formal chapter on me that night. Their suits added to the formality of meeting. I unfortunately stood out in my jeans and BYX polo. I got to see my buddy Murray for the first time in a while. The men handcuff themselves to him to keep any other chapters from pulling him away.
The men relocated for chapter from the rec center to room 170 of the Business Leadership Building. The new room is a much better set up. The men now have access to overhead projectors, which Ryan Burns took full advantage of to show Sesame Street characters and “Dumb and Dumber” pictures during his NIC update. Treasurer Nathan Nicholas and I enjoyed his presentation while we grubbed out on baked goods one of the sororities sold to the brothers.
Before I headed back to Fort Worth, I filmed President Ryan Vance and Theta Task Force One for their chapter update. The men arrogantly flaunted Murray and told the Auburn Chapter that they were coming after his brother Goldberg that they are guarding.
It was another encouraging day with the Theta Chapter. They keep improving. More and more men are looking for ways to get involved and their impact is tangible. I’m proud of my brothers in Denton.

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