Nationals Visits OU, OSU and UCO

Chris Godfrey
National Advisor
Spring 2012: PART II
After a very busy visit to Missouri and discussing many topics with these men, it was time to head out to Oklahoma and catch up with our Oklahoma State, Central Oklahoma and Oklahoma Chapters.  Our chapters at these schools are rocking the state of Oklahoma; BYX is involved and sharing Christ’s love with the campuses and communities.  Fraternal national unity is also strong here as the chapters always look for ways to be involved with one another! 
Oklahoma State was my first visit of the three.  We had an officer dinner at a local Japanese Steakhouse where we got to catch up and I got to hear all about the happenings of the Rho Chapter.  This officer corps was energized and ready to go this semester.  The 2011 Pledge Captain, Justin Langston became the 2012 Chapter President and has continued to invest himself in the fraternity casting vision for much bigger things on campus.  After a large new pledge class in the fall, the men have looked for ways to get involved in the fraternity and on campus. 
The officer meeting was very productive and covered a lot of ground Friday evening after dinner.  So encouraging hearing our men pray each other up and see first hand how God uses BYX in our men’s lives.  After tackling some By-Laws discussion, we discussed parents’ days, Greek-life, brotherhood events, retreat, Island Party and much more.  Island Party got the name of BYX out on campus, as they served several thousand hotdogs out of their Noah’s Ark structure in the middle of campus.
The OSU Officer Corps at the Valentine’s Dance.
I got to be a part of their Valentine’s Day Semi-Formal Saturday night with food, drinks, activities and dancing!  The next evening, the snow started to fall down during chapter meeting.  The guys have enjoyed spicing up chapter this semester and I got to see first hand a few cell group competitions that I won’t forget!  After chapter, we all went out in the snow and caravanned over to IHOP where we proceeded to slip and slide our cars down the road.  The brothers had many questions regarding nationals and the local chapter and it was a nice evening to spend talking about how the chapter continues to grow and how they can be more involved.
After an eventful weekend with the brothers in Stillwater, it was time to make a trek on a snow filled Historic Route 66 to Edmond, OK to join our Alpha Epsilon Chapter at Central Oklahoma!  Chapter meeting was Monday evening and I was thankful to have even made it for lunch earlier in the day though the roads were snowed over.  We met up at Flat Tire Burgers and all of the officers were pumped about the semester ahead and what already had happened. 
My time with these brothers was encouraging because of the excitement they have about BYX and the opportunities that they continue to see as possibilities at UCO.  They have established cell group structure, a pledge system, social calendar, retreats, and much more as they are still in the early years of being a chapter.  These men were initiated in the fall of 2011, and they were blessed with a group of committed pledges in the fall that I got to meet. 
UCO VP Matt Henton and President Kevin East.
I joined up with this chapter right after they had Bid Ceremony the week before so it was a treat to have breakfast with the pledges and share the vision of BYX with them.  Christian Lloyd, the Alpha Epsilon Pledge Captain, has a desire to see the pledge process continue to grow and develop and we discussed the recruitment process over the summer to get to the fall.  He has built on the ideas and foundation of last semester and laid the groundwork for the coming fall pledge class.  Chapter President Kevin East has been a part of getting BYX at UCO from the beginning, and it was cool to see how God was so evident in his story of how it came to be.  He is passionate about the Greek community on campus and also how God can change men’s lives and grow Christian leaders through BYX. 
We have already had several opportunities to be involved on campus through philanthropic events and university wide events.  The members are involved with many extra-curricular opportunities as well including intramurals, campus orientation, RHA, and more.  This has opened doors for involvements with sororities and other fraternities.  These men have also planned their first spring Formal event at a nice hotel in Oklahoma City where they will have a formal dinner beforehand.  After this spring initiation they planned an aggressive recruiting summer and rush week in the fall.  Keep this chapter in your prayers as they continue to advance Christ on this campus through the Greek avenue. 
Intramural Basketball at UCO.
Just 45 minutes south of Edmond is The University of Oklahoma, where BYX has continued to be an influential force on campus through Scandals-the Greek singing and dancing competition, intramurals, functions, and involvements elsewhere.  When I arrived at OU, it had already been a very busy semester and it proved to be a very busy semester still ahead.  These men rolled out the red carpet for me on this visit and invited me to go to their Cornerstone Formal at the Oklahoma Petroleum Club.  They showed me that they know how to through a great party and be able to share the love of Christ with those that come.  With a filet mignon as the main course dinner and fancy chocolate dessert still in front of us, social chair Sean Kelly shared with us all about the evening and another brother proceeded to share a brief testimony of what God has done in his life.  Our God is good and it is incredible to see 125 college guys living it out for Him. 
Pledge Captain Ryan Goodwin and OU Chapter President Lincoln Ferguson at Cornerstone Formal.
The weekend was filled with a lot of conversation about what BYX is all about and how these leaders planned to challenge their members to grow as men.  We discussed their tactics for recruitment for the fall pledge class as well as moving Island Party to the fall in order to do it better.  Dorion Billups, the Vice-President, worked hard at planning their first successful date auction called the Movie Premiere that brought in several thousand dollars for the Chapter’s philanthropy.  Lincoln Ferguson, the President, has worked hard on the new President’s Council in order to get feedback and the pulse of the chapter from pledge class representatives.  I sat in on a President’s council meeting right before chapter, and it was really neat to see old and new faces on this council.  Chapter meeting was full of energy, especially as they had me play a few ridiculous games, but really encouraging as the guys get together at the end and pray each other up. 
OU Chapter members at Sooner Scandals.
I also got to experience Scandals, the event I mentioned previously that is a competition amongst fraternities and sororities.  Our men blew me away with the work and energy that they put forth to put on a good show.  They continue to look for new ways to be involved on campus but also keeping chapter tradition alive and well.  This officer corps pushes the members to be involved on campus but also to better the brotherhood that we have as a fraternity.  One of the members that I met actually won Mr. Anchorman for Delta Gamma’s philanthropy event while another won OU Idol recently!  The guys also took me to Oklahoma City where I got to enjoy the infamous Bobo’s Chicken—a trailer that is open only at nighttime just five minutes from the capital building.  Chicken wings smoked and then fried and drizzled with honey—wicked. 
After a very busy month, I went to Texas briefly before flying to The University of Arkansas.  I got to visit our chapters at Texas Christian University (TCU) and Southern Methodist University (SMU) briefly before my actual chapter visits.  


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