Nationals Visits Houston Baptist University

By Robert Bember
National Advisor

Robert Bember, called to be a national advisor, appointed by Executive Director Jason Hoyt and empowered by the Holy Spirit of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, through whom we have been redeemed from our sin by His death and resurrection from the dead, for the sake of His glory and the service of the Beta Upsilon Chi fraternity.
Greetings! I write this blog so that you might be encouraged by the works of the Lord in the Epsilon Chapter of Beta Upsilon Chi on the campus of Houston Baptist University. I give thanks to God daily for how He has moved in this chapter, bringing you back from a probationary period to where you are now as the elite fraternity on their campus.
Since you have made such great strides, I implore you to keep striving toward excellence. We must be excellent, brothers, as our Savior is excellent beyond all understanding. Run the race that has been set before you, so that, when the time comes, you may again receive the university’s honors for highest GPA and as intramural champions.
Though your accomplishments are many, and your parties are ballin’, I encourage you to always remember the purpose on which the fraternity was founded. The purpose of Beta Upsilon Chi is to establish brotherhood and unity among college-aged men based on the common bond of Jesus Christ. Therefore, we must remember there can be no condemnation toward our brothers. Instead we shall carry one another’s burdens, and we will be quick to share our burdens with our brothers.
The testimonies of your brothers about the adjustments and improvements in their cell groups were much-needed good news. Though there are many parts to the body that is BYX, it is clear that the heart of it all is cell groups. When cell groups are strong, we are strong. Strong cell groups enable us to be weak before our brothers, knowing the when we are weak, then we are strong. So let us boast all the more gladly in our weaknesses so that, through the Holy Spirit’s empowering of our brothers, the power of Christ may rest upon us.
I thank you for the grace and love shown to me by your brothers as they remembered the thorn I have carried in my flesh. For many months, I have shared of my pain and weakness with your President Mike Winters. I was so grateful for the concern shown by your brothers who asked how I was doing throughout the time I was able to spend with you. I praise our mighty God for how His Holy Spirit sustained me and spoke through me during my trip.
And you, being leaders in this fraternity, continue to exemplify all it is that we stand for as Brothers Under Christ. When you welcomed me with open arms to your officer meeting, you showed why this chapter has become so successful. The six of you truly dwell in unity and epitomize the brotherhood that we long for within each and every chapter across the country. Continue to spur each other on as you begin to see the finish line. Though your term is coming to a close, the Lord will open new doors for you to serve your fraternity. Your work is not yet complete.
I remember the hospitality that you showed me on my journey, opening up the lobby of your dormitory for my one-on-ones and sharing some of Houston’s finest meals at Beck’s Prime and Lupe Tortilla. The times of brotherhood that we have shared bring joy to my heart and continue to encourage me on my long journeys. I also thank you for your does and the delicious brownies they provided us at chapter meeting.
My soul longs for the day that I can once again greet you with a brotherly kiss, though I know that it is better for me to be here in Fort Worth, preparing to tell of your great works elsewhere and serving the high schools students here at Christ Chapel. Twitter and Facebook will tell you of all my future journeys. Jason Hoyt the beloved executive director greets you, as does Nick England, my fellow national advisor who is stricken with hot pockets and peanut butter sandwiches for the sake of BYX.
And when this blog is read among you, ensure that it is also read in chapter meeting, and see that you show other chapter updates to the brothers, so that national unity might be magnified.
I, Robert, type this with my own hands. May grace be with you, in one spirit.
***Vice President Carlos Mendoza compared the national advisor role to Paul’s journeys. I agree to a certain degree. This is my response***

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