Nationals Visits Oklahoma State University

By Chris Godfrey

National Advisor

After a visit to The University of Oklahoma and heading back to Texas for a short 48 hours, I was off again to leave the heat of Texas and head to the cooler state of Oklahoma, September 16th through the 19th. This time, the destination was different; I had the opportunity to stop in and talk with Pledge Trainer Sean Kelly at OU on my way through Norman heading to Tulsa. After a great BBQ lunch with Sean and catching up about Brolympics, there was another stop on the way to meet the OSU men—the historic Route 66.

After driving a good bit straight north up Interstate 35, the Hoyt family (yes, Jason and family!) and I stopped at the famous Pop’s Sodas and Diner near the Round Barn and Route 66. It was fun imagining the Cars movie as we cruised through town with the windows down and a cool breeze outside. We were on our way to Tulsa’s Race for the Cure in support of Wendell Weaver’s wife and family. OSU BYX represented us well at the race, showing up at 6:30am on a Saturday morning ready for a 5k run. We set up a tailgate right near the festivities on the closed off streets of Tulsa. Wendell brought three of his daughters who got to experience their first 5k run! After the 5k, the Hoyt clan did the 1-mile fun run. What a great day of getting to talk with the guests of honor, the Weaver family. We had a nice lunch at the Spaghetti Warehouse, always a good choice when you are starving and want to eat a lot of bread and good Italian! Lunch wrapped up a little past noon, and then I headed with the OSU members to Stillwater, OK – home of good ol’ Oklahoma State University.

What a great drive with transfer member, Patrick! We got lost a little bit heading out of Tulsa as neither of our phones were picking up GPS, but then we got on the right track. Towards the end of our time on the toll-way heading into Stillwater, I realized there would be a 50-cent toll, and I had no change. That was unfortunate, and I hope that the state of Oklahoma shows some mercy as I then proceeded to hesitantly run the automated toll. Patrick was a transfer member from OU, and he had some great stories from his trek to California and northward earlier this year. I got to talk with him about what is going on with the chapter at OSU, which was a great start to the week of meetings. The night in Stillwater was crazy as chapter president Joey Ross took me to McAlister’s for a semi-healthy dinner and then to an OSU-Tulsa “watch” party. There was no game to watch until midnight, when they decided to start playing the game after a crazy storm blew through… so I unfortunately did not get to watch the game.

Sunday I met with Brian, Logan, and Micheal (Secretary, VP, and the National’s Initiative Chair). Had great conversations as I met them one-on-one across campus. We had dinner that night at Eskimo Joe’s—had a great chicken sandwich, my normal item of choice while eating at a burger joint. It wasn’t just food that was good but the conversation. We had a great conversation covering many relevant topics the chapter is facing. There are so many things that the men have done this year to raise the bar at this chapter. I’m so proud of the great pledge class that they have and their growing involvement on campus and in Greek Life. These men really care about the new pledge class members, and it is encouraging to see them want to pour into them so much.

Monday I caught up with Daniel, Justin, and Joey (Chaplain, Pledge-Captain, and President). Busy day but when I have the opportunity to share so many good conversations I won’t pass that up! They are working hard to make sure that the men hold each other accountable, and yet the overflow of that individual growth develops to a healthy involvement on campus. This yar they will also be taking part in the annual homecoming celebration that is so big in Stillwater. They are working together to create a homecomeing parade float and banner for Library Lawn—homecoming is huge so I am excited to see the outcome of their efforts!

Monday afternoon came so quickly, but it was a great visit with these men at OSU. What an adventure to start off running a race with these guys and then get to go to church and watch some football with them before diving into one-on-one times. God’s doing great things here, and I know this pledge class has so much going for it to really continue growing the presence of BYX on OSU’s campus. After lunch with Joey, it was time to head back to Texas. On my way back to the Old West, I got to stop back by OU and spend some good quality time with Pledge Trainer JD Thomas, Chaplain Ryan Goodwin, and roommates. Great things are happening in the state of Oklahoma in the lives of our BYX men.


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