Nationals Visits UCO

by Nick England
National Advisor

My visit to the University of Central Oklahoma did indeed happen a few weeks ago. In fact, it took place at the end of August. For this, I apologize. But my intentions were to keep all of you on the edge of your seats, waiting impatiently for the first BYX blog post of the Fall 2011 semester by Nick England. So now sit back and relax and enjoy the ride.

Speaking of the ride, I took the ole’ Bossman himself with me on this visit. So Jason Hoyt and I left on a Sunday afternoon and drove up to Edmond, Oklahoma. But on our way, we stopped in the magical land of Norman for some McAlister’s famous sweet tea and a quick video interview with OU BYX Pledge Trainer, Sean Kelly. After that, we got back on the highway and hauled up to Edmond to meet the officers for dinner at Hideaway Pizza. Fun and filling pizza was had by all and we enjoyed catching up with the officers. Afterwards, I caught a meeting with their Vice President, Chance Rose. We were able to talk through some potential social events as well as what is going on with the officers right now as they plan their first semester as a chapter.

The next day was a long one. I woke up and grabbed meeting after meeting with their officers. What was immediately evident was that these men were fired up and ready to rush their first pledge class. Each of the officers left me confident that they had planned a great deal for rush and recruitment which would certainly pay off in the end. However, they still had a lot of planning to do for the semester. I was able to work through with them how to get their calendar together and what to make sure to get planned. The day was very productive and I think the UCO chapter was left well on their way to planning a great first semester! But they still hadn’t been initiated…

That evening, we wore our formal attire and went to dinner at Old Chicago. One of the UCO BYX chapter sponsors, Steven Hardebeck was able to come and support the men that evening. After dinner, we administered the pledge test to the founding fathers and I’m proud to say that every one of the men passed! We initiated the men that night and some of the men from OU BYX drove up to show their support of the newest addition to Beta Upsilon Chi.

Jason and I left early the next morning and made the drive back to Ft. Worth. These men endured the long road of starting a chapter which is something only founding fathers can attest to. But we left them proud of what they have accomplished and excited for what the future has in store.


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