Identity as a Social Fraternity

Vision sounds like a simple understanding of who we are. The reality of the vision of BYX is that it can often be misunderstood. BYX was founded in 1985 as an alternative to the present fraternal lifestyle. A fraternity that would keep Jesus at the center and heart of who we are and what we do. We are not a Christian organization on campus and we are not a traditional fraternity on campus. We are a Christian fraternity. I realize that those two words “Christian” and “Fraternity” don’t traditionally go well together. That is what makes the vision of BYX tricky to understand. We take some of the aspects of campus ministries and some of the best things about fraternity life and put them into the same fraternity called Beta Upsilon Chi or Brothers Under Christ. Our identity statement says “We are a lifelong brotherhood of committed Christian men seeking the bonds of brotherhood and unity in Christ through the avenue of a social fraternity on a college campus.” I want to elaborate more on the concept of social fraternity and how BYX plays our part as a social fraternity.

Why do we strive to be social in BYX? Because it’s who we are. BYX is a social fraternity with a spiritual purpose. A social fraternity is the vehicle by which we accomplish Brotherhood and Unity in Christ. We do this because it’s who we are, and who we are is because we exist to stand in the gap on college campuses for men missing the supremacy and sufficiency of Christ. We’ve chosen to utilize the concept of fraternity to do it. From there our social identity accomplishes 3 things:

1) Builds Brotherhood and Unity among us. As we engage in the purposes mentioned in the previous paragraphs we draw nearer as brothers on mission together. Additionally, it gives facilitation for relationships to grow, providing time to be together. Some of this time will lead to serious depth of conversation and growth. Much of it will be simple fun, but this fun will provide instrumental balancing connection for the more intense and hard times of accountability down the road for our members.

2) Opportunity to exalt Christ among those outside of BYX. Because of socials, we get an avenue to proclaim the goodness of our God as a cohesive unit of men, interacting with believers and non-believers alike.

3) Resulting promotion of BYX. A stronger social and campus presence in turn helps our recruiting. It helps us in our strive to make BYX available for every student who would want it and sometimes other schools who would want a BYX chapter.

BYX is a Christian social fraternity. We want to and must continue to be a part of the social scene on our campuses. The opportunity to impact others is there through these social opportunities and along the way we as BYX get to enjoy the fellowship of our brotherhood.

Jason Hoyt

Executive Director


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