Healthy Role of Alumni: Part 2

Alumni continue to play a vital role in the future of BYX. We want to recognize that value while also steering alumni involvement in a healthy direction. I remember when I graduated with my fellow senior BYX brothers and we all thought that BYX just wasn’t going to be the same after we all left and that our class was the pinnacle of the health of BYX. The reality of it is that it was the pinnacle of BYX for you. Part of our role here at nationals to to bring a healthy balance so that the highs of the chapter are not to high and the lows of the chapter are not to low. We have seen countless times through nearly every chapter an opportunity to coach and lead through those types of situations. BYX will continue on as the Lord leads. There will be many victories and challenges ahead.

So what is a healthy role for alumni of BYX? There are several opportunities in which alumni are free to stay connected and involved in their local chapter of BYX.
1) Founders’ Chapter: Each fall your chapter will host an open chapter with an open invitation for alumni to come back. The chapter will feature an alumni speaker and allow you the opportunity to invite your class of brothers back to campus each year. This fall will be our 2nd annual Founders’ Chapter.
2) Initiation: Alumni brothers from any chapter are allowed to attend a BYX initiation.
3) Senior night: Especially if you are recent graduate and you want to head back to chapter to witness your little brother or another brother you invested into graduate.
4) Island Party: IP is an open event and an easy way to check out what is going on in BYX
5) Other open parties and informal events: Open parties are just that, open to any one and everyone to come and attend. Informal brotherhood events happen almost every week. Monday Night Football, Wing Nights, Basketball Thursday’s, etc..
6) National Ski Trip: It looks like the Keystone Ski Trip has been such a success that we will continue hosting the trip each year. Alumni are welcome to join us at the same prices as active members.
7) Personal mentorship: Any active member can seek out and choose to engage in a mentor relationship with any alumni.
We will attempt to do a better job of communicating with our local chapter officers with those expectations this fall and beyond.
Now that we hammered out what is available to alumni in a local chapter, I should clarify what should still be closed to just current members and pledges.
1) Regular weekly chapter meetings are closed for current members and pledges only unless an alumni is specifically invited by the current officers.
2) Chapter retreats (including pledge retreats) are closed for current chapter members and pledges unless an alumni is specifically invited by the current officers.
3) Cell groups and social events such as date parties and formals are for current members and pledges only.
I hope this helps you as a current member, pledge, or alumni of BYX to understand the healthy role of alumni for BYX.

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