Healthy Role of Alumni: Part 1

I am regularly engaged in the lives of many of our alumni. Some I run into weekly at my local church, others I meet around the DFW area for meals, and others I interact with via email and phone from other parts of the country. It is a great adventure keeping track of the location of our thousands of alumni now. I am frequently asked about what the role of alumni is in BYX, so I thought I would write a blog about it just to be clear where we are with alumni.

Alumni have played a vital role in the history of the fraternity dating back as far as 1988 when Wendel Weaver started the alumni association to hold BYX true to its stated purpose. That alumni association grew and eventually became the Executive Board, Advisory Board, and National Staff of Beta Upsilon Chi. Five years ago we strategically decided to make alumni our #2 priority behind the integrity of BYX and we hired a national alumni coordinator. We attempted to start an alumni council, local alumni chapters in various cities, and started down this road of social media communications. After 3 plus years of heading down that road, we strategically decided that some of the things we were beginning to put in place for alumni just were not needs that the vast majority of our alumni were needing or looking for from BYX. We scaled back that direction and have been seeking the answer to what is next for our alumni.
Here at nationals, we are now defining our aim when it comes to alumni in three categories.
1) We are committed to keeping you INFORMED as an alumni. There are various channels in which you can follow BYX. You can follow closely BYX on twitter and pretty much now where we are visiting, what is coming down the pipeline, and immediate needs we have in BYX. You can follow this blog and read up on our chapter visit to your chapter as an alumni. If your contact information is correct in our database, you should be receiving about 4 to 6 customized email newsletters from BYX. Customized means that it has a specific update from your chapter officers or national initiatives chairman.
2) We are committed to the continued growth of BYX. In the last 7 years, BYX has grown by 17 chapters nationwide. We have learned a lot about growing chapters strategically. We have learned how much financial dollars it takes to start new chapters and about how long it takes for a chapter to become stable. All important pieces to learn. We have made some big decisions financially at the national level to move to full funding from our chapters. That means BYX is financially stable on the strength of our local chapters now. That will allow our alumni contributions to nationals to go towards the growth of BYX. Investment into BYX would go to support those newly established chapters and looking towards the future of the next university to receive a BYX chapter. The second aim for us for alumni is for you as an alumni of BYX to understand the value of what the Lord did in your life through BYX and INVEST BY GIVING FINANCIALLY into the future of BYX so that other young men make enjoy what you have enjoyed.
3) We are committed to continue to expand our NETWORK. Alumni and members are asking for ways to network within BYX. We have some pieces available currently that I am confident will aid you in networking within BYX. Those are as follows:
A) Alumni Map: Login to your chapter website or the national site using your ID and PW and go to the alumni section. You will find a map of the U.S. where you can click on any state, and search for alumni who live in that state. You can view their home church, their occupation, and send them an email.
B) Job Board: Login to your chapter website or the national site using your ID and PW and go to the member section under the forums. There you will find a job board where alumni can post jobs, or get information on a posted job.
C) LinkedIn: We have a Beta Upsilon Chi-Brothers Under Christ linkedin profile where you can network with other BYX alumni.
In my next blog on the healthy role of alumni, I will outline the alumnus role in the local chapter and what is and is not available to you on the local chapter level.
Jason Hoyt
Executive Director
Beta Upsilon Chi, Inc.

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