Looking forward to 2011

By Jason Hoyt, Executive Director

Happy New Year Brothers,

A special thank you to all of our 2010 financial supporters for helping us meet our annual budget. I am continually amazed by how the Lord uses people to answer the needs we have for Beta Upsilon Chi. Support comes from alumni, parents of our members, and many who catch the vision of BYX who were not even members of BYX but believe in what we are doing. As director of Beta Upsilon Chi, it is our desire to shepherd a Christian fraternity that sticks to its mission, with current chapters that are largely self-sufficient from a financial perspective, and to pursue opportunities to expand that vision to new universities.

Last summer, I outlined in this blog the history of Beta Upsilon Chi and how we have arrived at our current state with essentially three main priorities. 1) Keep the integrity of BYX by focusing on our purpose 2) grow to other universities and 3) continue to develop alumni relations. In November 2010 at our Executive Board meeting, we made some important decisions for the future of BYX that we believe will enable us to continue on the path the Lord would desire for us. We essentially added a fourth priority. 1) Local Chapter Integrity focused on Purpose 2) Local chapter growth 3) Expansion and 4) Alumni relations. Last year in 2010, our local chapter national dues covered just over 60% of our national operating budget. The additional income was raised through the efforts of our board and staff. In 2011, we made the decision to fully fund our operational budget from national dues of the local chapters. That essentially boils down to members and pledges of the fraternity will pay $85 a semester in national dues. We should now see the average member paying about $275 a semester to be a member of BYX. That may seem like a jump, but when you boil it down to an additional $10 a month or roughly $.33 a day to be a member of BYX, it doesn’t seem like much to allow the fraternity to continue moving forward. We continue to be roughly 40% of the cost of joining a traditional fraternity.

The funding of nationals from our local chapter dues will open up a great opportunity for nationals to walk closer to our local chapters in helping them meet the needs they have in reaching our newest priority in local chapter growth. For example, we have already begun working on recruiting and promotional DVD’s, newsletters, business cards, flyers, etc.. for those chapters that need immediate help in promotion of BYX of campus. Now instead of just suggesting to the local chapters that they do some of these things, we at nationals are going to be able to provide them to those chapters that need help in those areas. These things are going to take some time to really ramp up and we plan on aligning our national staff to meet some of those new needs as we move through 2011 and the future. These are exciting times in the life of the fraternity.

The change also allows for new opportunities for alumni to see their gifts put to specific uses. If we have a specific need at a local chapter, we can now ask our alumni to meet that need and they can step up to the plate and financially meet that need through nationals. For example, we recently ordered $500 worth of recruiting brochures in 8 page glossy professional looking document. We can now ask the alumni for that chapter to contribute towards those needs and alumni can feel like they are furthering BYX at their chapter through meeting those needs. We are looking forward to this new priority in local chapter growth.

As for 2011, we are gearing up for another great year. As I write this, our national staff and 150 of our BYX brothers from 14 chapters are enjoying brotherhood and unity in Christ on the slopes of Keystone Colorado. This year was our 2nd massive migration to Keystone and it speaks volumes that our brothers more than doubled the number from last year. We will look to continue that in 2012 for sure. In October of this year, we will continue another annual tradition with Founders’ Chapter at all of our local chapters. Last year was our first go around as we celebrated the 25th year anniversary of the founding of Beta Upsilon Chi by launching Founders’ Chapter. More than 300 alumni ventured back to their respective campus to celebrate the founding of BYX and enjoy connecting with the current members and renewing old friendships. We are looking forward to more young men choosing to join the fraternity of Beta Upsilon Chi in 2011 and most of all we are looking forward to our members and alumni continuing to deepen their faith in Christ and with one another.


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