Nationals visits SMU and TCU

So here I am enjoying the lovely fall weather in the lovely state of Colorado, when I have to hop a plane and head south. I soon found out that Texas does not share the same weather as Colorado. It was a little hotter and a bit more humid. As soon as Nick England picked me up at the airport I felt much better. It was so good to see friends that I only see over the computer screen most of the year. I went back to the BYX house that night and prepared for a full day at SMU.
The following morning I was blessed enough to spend time with the men at SMU for the second time. Over the last couple of semesters these men have grown in huge ways. This semester the men have really learned what unity really is. Watching the men break down barriers at chapter and speaking openly to one another was a huge blessing to see. Another thing that was great was meeting with all of the members who are interested in running for office. In the past there was not that much interest, but this year I met with at least ten guys who are passionate about stepping into leadership. I am always looking forward to spending time at SMU, not just because of their beautiful campus or nice fall weather, but to spend time with a chapter that is full of character and growth.
The next day I set off to TCU. As I stepped onto campus I could feel the pride that only comes with being ranked in the top 5. Throughout the day I not only met with all of the current officers, but with those running for office as well, and let me say the future of BYX looks great at TCU! As we neared chapter I prepared a few words for the guys, and then prepared to play dodgeball. I happened to come on cell group pairing night, after which everyone plays a huge game of dodgeball. We had a blast! At last the night was over after all of the sweating and bruising stopped. I headed back to the BYX house for a good nights sleep. It was a long few days, but days I always look forward to.

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