BYX Nationals visits Baylor

By Tyler Rogers
National Advisor

I am sitting in the office in Fort Worth right now writing this as I wait to head to the airport to head back to Georgia. It has certainly been an AMAZING weekend and week. Spending time with the guys at Baylor was a highlight of my trip. I am so blessed to have the opportunity to continue to work these men and this chapter. Watching the Lord work and move in their hearts and lives is awesome. I have missed traveling and hanging out with the awesome young men we have in BYX. Anyways, to my trip.

I arrived in Waco early on Monday morning! I had the pleasure of meeting with guys all day. I met with both new and old officers. I am encouraged to report that the future looks very bright with the guys who looking to take the reigns of this chapter next year. There a sense of excitement and momentum amongst the guys that is incredible. I am sure that it has something to do with their Island Party as well as the awesome new members they have. Island Party was a few a weeks ago. Baylor BYX had 10th Avenue North play and over 5500 people attend. They were able to raise over $1000 and 10 huge boxes of hygiene products for Mission Waco, a homeless ministry in Waco.

After meeting with the guys all day, I had the opportunity to join the majority of the chapter for dinner at Chilis as well as for chapter meeting. While at chapter, I had the privilege of speaking to the guys. I spoke on several things, but mainly I challenged them to see their futures and circumstances, both personal and fraternity, through the eyes of God’s promises of faithfulness, rather than through the eyes of their emotions and feelings. I challenged them to embrace the truth that God is going to bring to completion this great work that he has begun in them.

After chapter, I was able to spend some time just hanging out with some of the guys. These men are excited. They are excited to take advantage of the opportunity that they have on Baylor’s campus. They are excited to see growth, structure, tradition, and a sense of ownership that they have never experienced. They plan on pushing this fraternity to a place where it can be most effective in the Kingdom of God at Baylor. Praise the Lord for these guys hearts and their dedication to moving BYX forward.


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