Quick Thought on Luke 3:16

Luke 3:16 “John answered and said to them all, As for me, I baptize you with water; but One is coming who is mightier than I, and I am not fit to untie the thong of His sandals.”
My mind is drawn to the “I am not fit to untie the thong of His sandals.” Lets think about that for a minute. It is fairly common knowledge that in Biblical times peoples feet were nasty. There were not sophisticated sewer systems and garbage collection. The main form of transportation were donkeys and walking. As you can imagine those were some hardy conditions on ones feet. Those who washed peoples feet were considered some of the lowliest and poorest people around. Yet John says that he is not fit to untie the thong of Jesus sandals. That is a profound display of humility in my mind.
I wonder whether or not I could have done that or even say those words. James 4:6 says “God is opposed to the proud, but gives grace to the humble.” I thank God that He has given us Scripture to show us the manner in which we can walk deeply with Him. That is by following in the footsteps of John and considering ourselves not worthy of “untying the throng of His sandals.” Displaying a character and attitude of humility towards what God desires to do in our lives and towards our fellow brothers.

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