Fall 2010: Kick-off

The beginning of the fall semester is always one of the most exciting times. Everyone is excited to get back to campus to see the brothers. Think about this for a moment my fellow alumni brothers: The college freshman were born in 1992 and 1993 this year. Freshman are always vital to BYX for many reason. They are the future of the fraternity and they typically bring a huge influx of energy into each chapter. There are thousands upon thousands of freshman starting school this week and each of them is looking for a place to fit in and meet people. We would love to see every major college campus have a BYX chapter for incoming freshman to join and meet fellow brothers who are going to encourage each other in their journey with Christ.

I wanted to blog and give you some things to look forward to this fall. On the chapter level, we are expecting between 400 and 500 pledges this fall. Last fall we had a record with 490 pledges joining BYX and we are thinking that we will land in that ballpark once again. I will tweet with updates on each chapters final pledges numbers so follow us on twitter at http://www.twitter.com/betaupsilonchi. Second, we are introducing a new chair position to the local chapters this fall. The chair is called the national initiative chair. This individual will play a vital role in continuing to develop national unity among chapters. The chair will handle details of each chapters Founders’ Night events coming up this fall and in future years, the national ski week registration in early January, and will also giving bi-monthly updates to their chapter on how they can pray for the other BYX chapters across the nation. Third, as I mentioned above, each BYX chapter is hosting a Founders’ Night chapter this fall. Most of them are around the first or second week of October. Alumni should plan to attend and begin to look forward to the event each fall. You can register for your chapters Founders Night event by visiting the website at http://www.betaupsilonchi.org/foundersnight. Those are just a few quick updates on what is happening at the local chapter level this fall.
On the national level, we are continuing our board tour this fall. All 13 of our board members will be out visiting chapters once again this semester. It was a big success last spring with members putting their names to faces and getting to hear first hand about the vision for the future of BYX. Board members will be visiting Texas, TCU, Texas A&M, Texas State, UNT, Baylor, SMU, Georgia, Oklahoma State, LSU, NC State, Central Arkansas, and Southern Arkansas this fall. Additionally, I am making trips to Mississippi State, Georgia, and HBU. All three I haven’t visited since at least the fall 2006. I will be visiting Texas, Texas A&M, and OU for their Founders Night events and then making at least one prospective chapter visit to the University of Arizona this fall. It will be a very busy travel season for all of us, but it will be great to be out and visiting with the brothers.
Lastly, I wanted to give you a quick financial update on where we are through most of August. Our full year alumni giving budget needs to reach about $72,000 this year to break even. We are currently sitting at $28.5K in alumni giving through August. That means we are in need of $43.5K at a minimum in alumni giving to reach our budget. Alumni, would you consider investing into the future of BYX? We have opportunities to sponsor new chapters also if you would like to be really close to the action. Please contact me at jasonhoyt@betaupsilonchi.org if you have questions or you can visit our website at http://www.betaupsilonchi.org/donate to invest in the future of BYX.
In One Spirit

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