Why Nationals: Part 1-The History

The summer tends to be two months of slower activity in BYX and thus there really is not a whole lot of chapter activity to report on. We are still very busy at the national office working on several long term projects and some new ones as well. I thought I would blog this summer over “Why Nationals?” Many of our older alumni (those 28 plus) that I meet with ask me some interesting questions like “Why should I give to BYX?” as we didn’t have nationals when I was an officer and we got by just fine. Some ask “What does nationals really do?” as it just seems like they are my older brother picking on me. Those are valid questions that have real practical answers that I will attempt to answer this summer.

First, I would like to give you a brief history of how BYX became “national” from my perspective as Director. In 1988, the last of our founding fathers graduated from Texas and moved on and left the fraternity. The founders were adament about keeping the vision of the fraternity centered on establishing brotherhood and unity among college men based on the common bond of Jesus Christ. They did not spend their college years creating a vision for a fraternity that would quickly forget the reasons the fraternity was established. In 1988, a young Wendel Weaver decided that the fraternity needed an alumni association to help steer the fraternity away from the pit falls of college fraternity life and continue on the founding course. Wendel took it upon himself to carry that torch for many years. When young men were interested in starting a BYX chapter, they would contact the Texas officers and then the TCU officers and ultimately all of it would lead back to Wendel. By 1997, several BYX chapters started around the state of Texas and Wendel began to feel the weight of the growth of BYX along with his own ministry and young family. He sought the Lord and the counsel of several other BYX alumni to begin to craft the early stages of what our national leadership looks like today.

In the fall of 1998, Wendel had joined up with Chuck James, Brett Williams, and Jon Sherman to form the first Beta Upsilon Chi Executive Board. The men began searching for an Executive Director that could fulfill the day to day responsibilities of operating BYX. In the fall of 1999, Kyle Hoover, was hired as the first director of BYX and the national headquarters were established. Kyle worked diligently to fill out the necessary federal and state paperwork to become a recognized non-profit organization on the national level. By the middle of 2000, all the paperwork was completed and Beta Upsilon Chi, Inc. was official.

The vision for the national headquarters is threefold:
1) Maintain the vision of BYX across our local chapters
2) Start new chapters of BYX as the Lord leads
3) Alumni Association relations

I will elaborate more on each of these through the summer so that you can see the progression of BYX over the years.

Kyle Hoover completed his time as director of BYX in the Fall 2001 and moved onto the Executive Board to make 5 board members. Kevin Peck took over the reigns as director from the Spring 2002 through Spring 2004 and the board remained the same. BYX continued to grow numerically in membership and in the number of chapters. Kevin’s capacity for equipping the chapters quickly grew beyond his scope of time. Kevin saw the need for coming along side our chapters as a resource and sought to hire the first ministry associates to care for the local chapters in the Spring 2004. In the fall 2004, I began my time of serving the fraternity as director and have continued work with the executive board and our ministry associates.

In the summer of 2007, Kyle Hoover stepped down from his role on the executive board. Kyle stepping down forced all of us to begin to think about the next generation of BYX leaders. The board members and I began to pray about what that might look like. We officially created the BYX advisory board in the summer of 2008 with David Daniels, Cody Dick, Loren Hsiao, Drew Christman, Caleb Martin, Jared Musgrove, and Dillon Barker. Following the first board meeting with the Executive Board and Advisory Board, Jon Sherman resigned his position on the Executive Board. In January 2009, Wendel Weaver, Chuck James, and Brett Williams asked Cody Dick and David Daniels to join the Executive Board. All five board members continue to serve BYX to this day. In the summer of 2009, Caleb Martin resigned his role on the advisory board and David Pearson, Joshua Brown, Kyle Kight, and Christian Pinkston were added to the advisory board in addition to Loren Hsiao, Drew Christman, Jared Musgrove and Dillon Barker. Those eight men continue to serve BYX faithfully on the advisory board.

That is a lot of information I know, so now I want to elaborate on specific roles of each board. The Executive Board is responsible for casting the visionary direction of the fraternity each year. The Advisory Board is responsible for assisting the Executive Board in their roles and to help carry out that vision with their skills and talents. Both boards are very active in helping to raise financial support for the continued growth of BYX. The Director and the staff are responsible for carrying out the vision set forth by the board by implementing and coordinating the day to day activities of the fraternity.

In concluding Why Nationals: Part 1-The History, nationals has nearly always existed since the inception of our fraternity in 1985. It just existed in various forms throughout the years. The progression of nationals has been instrumental in the sustaining of our vision for BYX and will continue to play a pivotal role in the future of BYX. May it always be that we as Beta Upsilon Chi can strive for the brotherhood and unity found under the common bond of Jesus Christ. Ultimately, we as BYX exist to bring Him glory, for He is the author and creator of all things.

In future blogs, I will address each of our three priorities as nationals and answer some of the most frequently asked questions about nationals. In doing so, I hope that everyone who reads this will understand the value of national unity and the role we play in stabilizing and assisting each of our local chapters, in establishing new chapters, and in continuing alumni relations.



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