BYX & Camp Work Week

One of the best ways in which BYX has grown over the last decade has come through the avenues of Christian summer camps. Our brothers head off to camp wearing their t-shirts and hats and talk to all their co-counselors about all the things they are doing at school involved with BYX. Oklahoma State, NC State, Kansas, and hopefully soon to be Arizona have all come through the camp connections.

This week, Chuck James and I ventured to Kanakuk in Branson, Missouri to do a little promotion for BYX. We arrived in Branson late Monday evening greeted by Doug Goodwin who serves as director of K-Kaui. Tuesday morning we headed up to Lampe, Missouri to K2 to do our promotion in front of the 2,000 counselors. Chuck was given the stage for about 10 minutes to explain to the counselors why BYX matters and the need for it on more campuses. As Chuck addressed the crowds, I was busy back stage meeting with about a dozen of our BYX brothers from different chapters passing out some “livestrong” type bracelets for them to give to young men interested in either joining BYX or starting a chapter of BYX. I passed them out to our brothers from Arkansas, TCU, Texas A&M, OU, and Central Arkansas. These men will serve as our hands and feet on site this summer.
So many of our brothers are working at Pinecove, T Bar M, Sky Ranch, and Kanakuk this summer. They all are walking bill boards of what Christ is doing in the lives of the men of BYX.

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