Nationals at Mississippi State

by Ministry Associate Tyler Rogers

On Sunday April 11, I flew into Memphis, Tennessee where I met up with two of the Mississippi State actives Shaun Pillai and Jay Windham. They met me at the airport to give me a ride to Starkville, Mississippi, the home of the Mississippi State Bulldogs, and as I also learned the place where Johnny Cash was arrested for streaking. I had dinner with some of the actives and then headed to officer meeting. The officers of the Mississippi State Chapter continue to impress me with there solid leadership. It has been a busy few weeks for the men as they have planned and executed a great formal, a 5K to benefit their philthanropy Invisible Children, Island Party, and their annual Crawfish Boil. They have already collected 40 names for potential rushees for the fall from their campus orientations and other means of advertising. During Island Party week they had a successful Ultimate Island Throwdown, an ultimate frisbee tournament including several IFC Fraternities, Pan-hellenic Sororities, and other independent Greek organizations. There chapter wide push for scripture memory and strong accountability in cell groups continue to support an extremely valuable spiritual mindset among the chapter. These men have worked tirelessly this semester to make the most of their opportunity in leadership and I could not be any more proud of them.

Monday, I woke up and met with several of the officers. It was great to discuss strategic ways for them to continue pushing BYX to be better! I spent time in the union hanging out with some of the actives as well. Monday at dinner I had the opportunity to share a meal with several actives. It was great catching up with these men and hearing how the Lord is using BYX in their lives. Former President of Mississippi State’s chapter Chandler Ragland is getting married in June! After dinner with some actives, I headed to chapter. We had a great chapter as I shared some fundamental marks of what we consider a legitimate fraternity. The chapter asked great questions during my Q and A.

Tuesday, I woke up and met with Vice President Lee Barkley. We had a great conversation about the vision of Island Party and the chapter’s vision of Island Party. We also went to an outdoors store so that I can purchase an Eagle’s Nest Outfitters hammock, affectionately known as an ENO. After we got back I met with another officer. Then I had the pleasure of meeting up with several of the actives to join them at there service project with Habitat for Humanity. We went to the habitat for Humanity Warehouse and helped for a few hours. We cleaned up pile os lumber, metal, and other scrapts and hauled them off to the landfill. We had a great time with Mr. Ross and Mr. Jim the two volunteers that gave us our jobs. It really was a blast!
After the service project, I returned and met with Chaplain William David “Bubba” Bowen. We had a great talk! Tuesday night I met the officers to spend time just hanging out. We went to get some great BBQ at Little Dooey’s and then threw the football for a while until sundown. After hanging out, I joined a few of the actives at the Wesley Foundation for a great worship event! After Wesley, I joined some actives and officers to celebrate the birthday of friend and BYX groupie Anne Hendrick. We had cake and great time convincing Ann that I was an huge LSU fan, which we all know is far from the truth! After the birthday party, I joined several actives for the best part of my trip. We decided to sleep in an “ENOPIA” ! Thats right, we slept under the stars in the woods! It was a great night and the weather was perfect for “Enoing”.Wednesday morning we woke in the woods to a lot of sunshine and a great day. I met with former President, JP Corhern, for breakfast. We enjoyed catching up as we remembered the “good old days” when we both served as president at our respective chapters. We also ran into Jesse English, former President and Founding Father. I met with the last of the officers Wednesday morning, and then had the priveledge of riding with Bubba Bowen and Derek “Stubbs” Cameron to Jackson, Mississippi to catch my flight back to Dallas.

My trip in Starkville was great and as always it was hard to leave the small town South and return to the big city. The future of BYX is safe and bright at Mississippi State as the men there are planning already for next semester. The pledge retreat is completely planned, big brothers have been chosen, and the new cell groups have already been determined. These guys are doing there best to make BYX the best it can be and are doing a great job!


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