My first MA visit!

By John Kushniroff
Ministry Associate

I had the pleasure of experiencing my first chapter visit, as an MA, at the beginning of April. Being from Colorado I really have had no interest in what the state of Texas has to offer. It had snowed in Denver two days before I left for DFW. When I landed I was welcomed by 65 degree weather with slight breeze blowing. The next day I stepped foot on SMU’s campus for the first time. WOW! It was beautiful. The flowers were out, the trees had leaves (I hadn’t seen either one for 6 months) and the weather was amazing. This was also the first time I had been on a college campus since I graduated from the University of Arkansas in December of ’08, so it brought back a ton of great memories. Now for the best part… meeting with the officers. I had the pleasure of sitting down with each officer one-on-one during the next two days. We got to talk a lot about BYX and a little just about life too. This is a chapter that is on the edge of growing a lot, which is what is so exciting about it. The officers all have amazing hearts and have grown very close together over the course of the semester. It is awesome to see men who did not all see eye-to-eye when they took office, become so supportive of each other, and so unified. They are currently taking the next step by writing by-laws for their chapter so they can keep the legacy intact that they are creating during this time of growth. I am so proud of these guys at SMU, and had a great first visit. Looking forward to the fall!

Now for round two of my trip. After I left SMU I traveled to the Fort Worth side to visit the fellas at TCU. TCU is a chapter that is doing BYX extremely well. This makes visits so much fun. When I got there I met all of the officers for dinner at a Mexican restaurant called Los Gringos. The chimichangas were awesome! Half way through dinner I could see how close these officers were. I thought that were all really close before they joined office, but as it turns out it had all happened over the semester. I love to see our men bonding so well. That night I went to chapter to speak. What a great, and rowdy group of guys. After a great time of worship I had the honor to say a few words to the chapter, which was preceded some fun games. It was so cool to see how much their presence is known on campus now. They are so involved and so respected at TCU, which is a great sign that they are doing BYX well. God is blessing these guys like crazy! I felt so at home with all of them, and so blessed to be there. We talked over how to improve the structure of their chapter, and how I can continue to support them. I love that I get to be involved in BYX even after I am out of college, and this trip was a great opportunity to see how much God is blessing BYX!

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