Nationals at Vanderbilt

by Ministry Associate Tyler Rogers

On Friday March 19, 2010, I had the distinct priviledge to travel to Nashville, Tennessee to visit with our men of the Nu Chapter at Vanderbilt University. I visited with some of my pledge brothers from the Pi Chapter of BYX at the University of Georgia Friday through Sunday. On Sunday afternoon, I joined the Nu Chapter Exec for their weekly officer meeting. These men are very well organized and plan ahead big time! During the officer meeting I revisited our hazing policy and discussed how to prevent the misperception of hazing among our pledges. This semester our men at Vanderbilt had to work with the Univeristy administration to handle some hazing allegations. After the officers turned in a very well written internal report the University allowed the chapter to move forward with pledgeship. Our chapter bonded together very well through this trial and came out in a much better place with the administration than when the allegations were filed against them. The chapter just formalized their relationship with Greek life so that they will have the opportunity to utilize the resources that IFC fraternities receive on campus.

Monday was a great day! I spent time meeting with the officers as well as a couple of open hours in the student center hanging out with actives. Monday afternoon, the pledges of the Nu Chapter performed their rendition of Justin Bieber’s “One Time” for several of the sororities on campus. I attended the Chi Omega performance and was VERY impressed with our pledges. My friends in Chi Omega were very impressed as well! After the pledges performance I met with several actives for dinner at Qdoba. It was great having dinner with these guys! I left Qdoba and headed for chapter. I arrived at chapter. These men do brotherhood so well. We worshiped together and I spoke to the chapter about the marks of legitimate fraternity. I identified areas in which they are doing well, as well as areas that we need to work on. After my talk we had Vanderbilt’s acapella women’s choir perform to advertise for their upcoming performance! The men really made them feel special and cheered them on. After chapter, I had the opportunity to meet with the seniors. These men have been great examples of commitment. Retention at the Nu chapter is really great because the guys are so committed!

Tuesday, I met with more of the officers and discussed some ways to improve the chapter. I also had the opportunity to hang out with some of the actives. Tuesday evening I had the pleasure going to dinner with officers. We made it a point not to talk about BYX but rather just hang out. After dinner, I joined the pledge captain Trent Palmberg and we hung out until time to go to one of their pledge rituals. I was able to spend some time listening to the history of the Nu Chapter presented by founding father and BYX Advisory Board Member Dillon Barker. After the ritual, I joined active Frank Murchison and Dillon Barker in Nashville to hang out.

Wednesday, I met with my last officers and had lunch with several of the actives and some of the great girls the men get to hang out with regularly, aka BYX groupies :). This year for Island Party the chapter is hosting a soccer tournament for the sororities on campus. They ordered a trophy that these ladies will get to keep each year as they win the tournament, and yes if you look closely at the top that is a huge buck. Hilarious. These guys are doing great. It is always a pleasure to visit these men at Vanderbilt. These guys are a great resource for ideas with pledgehsip, rituals, etc.


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