Devotion to the Officers March 26,2010

James 5:16
“The effective prayer of a righteous man can accomplish much.”
Yesterday in our staff meeting, Nathan Miller shared a story of one of our young BYX brothers experiencing the realness of God through prayer. The young brother asked the Lord to give him the name of someone to pray for over Spring Break as he was out traveling. The brother felt burdened to pray for a man named “Tommy.” Throughout the week the brother prayed for this man, that God would move in his heart and prepare him for their meeting. As the week went on, the prayers continued. On the last day of the week, the prayers of this young brother became a reality as he met a man named “Tommy.” The brother got so excited and shared with him how he had been praying for him and the two men were able to talk deeper over the next hour.
This story reminds encourages me so much as we all have a tendancy to put God into a box in how we think He operates. The truth of it is, God can and does operate far outside of what our short sided minds can think. The prayers of one brother were answered over Spring Break. One brothers walk with Jesus was deepened and the other brothers life has been changed forever. How Great is Our King? Far greater than our minds can comprehend.

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