Nationals Visits TTU

by Nathan Miller
Ministry Associate

Some say that Lubbock is flat (which it is). Some say that Lubbock is in the middle of nowhere (which it is). Some say that nothing good ever comes out of Lubbock and that there is nothing there (I couldn’t disagree more. Lubbock is a very special place for me. Not only is it where I spent 4 and a half years of my life, it is also the place that the Lord used BYX to change my life and most importantly it is where I met my lovely, wonderful and beautiful fiance Tosha!!!

I got to be in Lubbock from March 18-March 23rd for a combination of BYX Visit to the Eta Chapter and Texas Tech and also some wedding planning.

Tosha and I spent Friday the 19th tasting all different kinds of cakes and sampling different kinds of foods from our caterer…this part was by far the best part of the wedding planning process. Planning the honeymoon was fun but it wasn’t nearly as much fun as sitting down with a tray of 8 different kinds of cakes and a table with 4 different kinds of foods…nothing short of a day of awesomeness!!!

Saturday was spent getting some logistical things taken care of and then Sunday Tosha and I drove up to Amarillo where we had our engagement pictures taken. We basically had to smile while “acting natural” for about 4 hours while our photographer and his wife took about 1300 pictures of us…it was nuts. I’m just hoping that there are about 10 that I actually look good in…I am not what you call photogenic but Tosha definitely is.

Monday finally rolls around and the BYX part of my visit takes over. I spent the entire afternoon back on Tech’s campus and in the student union meeting with most of the officers one on one. I was so encouraged after those meetings. Over the past two years the leadership at the Eta chapter hasn’t been what I would call strong and consistent but the young men that are serving as officers right now are doing an incredible job of getting the chapter back where it needs to be and as a Tech Alumnus I couldn’t be happier to see that happening.

When chapter rolled around we started out with some joking around and some fellowship followed by the chapter announcements (by the way, the award for best announcement powerpoint has to go to Tech) and once the announcements ended the chapter gave the men an opportunity to share some of the amazing stories that they had about how the Lord moved in ridiculously crazy ways over Spring Break. The Lord was definitely working in the lives of some of these men and it was such an awesome time to see how it impacted them and it was a blessing and a challenge for all the men in the room to hear it – awesome time!

After Spring Break Story Time we had some time of worship and then I went up and gave my talk. Once I was done we all circled up and had prayer requests and then the chaplain (who also happens to be my future brother in law) prayed over everyone and chapter ended. Once it was over the officers and I made our way to Dion’s for some incredible pizza & cheese bread and spent a good amount of time just laughing, joking and sharing stories.

The next day I went and had lunch with one more officer at McCallister’s and then spent the rest of the day with my fiance until it was time for my flight to leave. On a side note, my flight from Lubbock back to Dallas was probably the scariest of my life and had more turbulence than I have ever experienced. I legitimately thought that I was going to die – several times.

As I said before this officer corps is doing a phenomenal job of bringing some strength and stability back to the Eta Chapter. They are making full retreat a much more organized and beneficial event, they have some really cool ideas for Island Party, they have Man Night every Thursday and they are seeking out the Greeks on campus. Be praying for these men as they continue to point the chapter in the right direction and that they would continue to seek out the Lord’s wisdom and discernment in their handling of the chapter.



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