BYX Nationals Visits UT

By Nathan Miller
Ministry Associate

Earlier this month I had the joy to head south on I-35 for a few hours and visit the Alpha Chapter at the University of Texas at Austin. It’s always a pleasure to be around those guys and this trip was no different.

I used Sunday night as a personal night and went and grabbed dinner at Kerbey Lane Cafe with one of my best friends from high school. I spent a couple of hours hanging out with my buddy Richard and we got caught up on everything thats going on and eating some of the best pancakes that you could ever imagine – no lie! After spending some good time with a good friend I made my way back to my hotel (still struggling to find a hotel in downtown Austin that is decent and AFFORDABLE) and got some rest to get ready for the next day.

After driving around the Brazos Parking Garage for about 30 minutes I finally found a place to park and walked over to the business school and met with a bunch of the officers for some one on one interviews. The guys were excited because they were only a few days away from Spring Break and most of them were either heading up to Colorado for some skiing or heading out to the Bahamas on a planned BYX Cruise (jealous). The meetings went great and the young leaders in Austin have some great things going for them.

They have completely changed their structure for Island Party. Instead of doing an all day music festival they are teaming up with a group called Community New Start and they are having a carnival thing for some inner city kids and their families. After the carnival they are coming together and having an open party with an ‘Atlantis’ theme – complete with aquariums and all…it is shaping up to be an amazing event.

Before chapter I met up with three of the officers for dinner at Hyde Park Bar & Grill – that was some DELICIOUS food and it was a great way to start our Monday night.

We arrived at chapter for the prayer meeting. Nick (chaplain) got up and with spring break quickly approaching he reminded the men about what scripture says about alcohol and how the root of all this is a matter of the heart and where their true desires and affections lie – he did a great job. After some great discussion followed by chapter announcements and worship it was time for me to get up front and address the men.

I had previously decided not to do a normal speech and instead decided to have an all out Q&A session with the chapter. I gave them the opportunity to ask ANY question that they had and also gave them a chance to voice any of their frustrations. This turned out to be an incredibly productive time and it turns out that Robbie (president) was hoping that I would do something like this.

When chapter ended the men had a ‘mini-social’ and had some root beer floats and some time of fellowship. I left and got lost on campus looking for my car…it took me a good while but I found it eventually.

The next day I woke up and had a couple more meetings with some of the officers and closed things out and headed back up North on 35 to get home to Fort Worth.

This trip to UT was one of the best of my trips out there to date. This young group of officers is doing an incredible job and the chapter as a whole has a very bright future ahead of them! The Alpha Chapter is truly living up to its name right now and is doing some awesome things around the Austin area!


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