Store Closing Final Clearance Sale

For the last three years, Sublime Logo has provided all of our national merchandise and has operated the online BYX e-commerce site available to all of you and anyone wishing to purchase BYX merchandise. We were recently informed that Sublime Logo will be closing its doors. The owner/operator of Sublime is moving out of the country and therefore no longer able to provide service to us. All items on the e-commerce site have been drastically reduced, so if you were thinking of purchasing any of the items, NOW would be a good time. The e-commerce site will fulfill website orders through 11:59PM EST ON SAT MARCH 20TH, 2010.

Visit the BYX Store

NOW $5: BYX Hat; Alumni T- Shirts (great grad gifts!); Compression shirts; & NEW BYX Summit Shirt

NOW $10: BYX Flag; keychain; NEW BYX Graphic T-Shirt; BYX Chapter Shirt with collar (member or pledge);

FREE GIFT w/ purchase of each BYX Fleece

NEW BYX Pullover is NOW $25 & NEW BYX Pant is NOW $20

We will be working to find another provider for all national merchandise needs and operator of the BYX Store.

In One Accord,

Jason Hoyt


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