BYX Nationals visits North Carolina State University

by Ministry Associate Tyler Rogers

Last week I had the pleasure of heading to North Carolina to visit our men at NC State. It was an incredible trip! When I arrived on Monday, I went to my hotel and settled in. Later I joined the men at a great Pizza Restaurant for a rush event! We had two huge New York style pizzas with several guys who were there attending the rush event. After the pizza we left and went to a really cool bowling alley. The bowling alley was really old school and didn’t have any of the televized score boards. You had to keep score by hand. It was fun. There 15 of us total including 8 potential guys. Tuesday morning I woke up and began to meet with the men. I met with NC State Pledge Captain, T.J. Louie, NC State Chaplain, Miles Farthing, and NC State Secretary, Bradley Monroe. I also had lunch with current pledge Justin Sawyer and Bryan Mears, NC State President. Tuesday night we all got together to watch the Pack play UNC in the epic basketball rivalry. Unfortunately NC State thought the game was over half way throught the second half and stopped playing. We enjoyed hanging out and eating wings though. It was great.

Wednesday was another great day! I woke up early and had the great opportunity to meet with Campus Crusades for Christ Director Mike Mehaffie. We were able to discuss the purpose of BYX as well as how BYX and CRU could work together to further the kingdom of God at NC State. We also talked about some unique problems that could occur in the near future at NC State. It was great getting to share our hearts for the campus together. I also was able to meet with Falculty advisor Dr. Bradley Laile! Dr. Laile has such an amazing heart for the men at NC State and will be able to bring a ton of wisdom and support to the men at NC State. He will be such a blessing as he is able to meet with the officers and get involved with our chapter at NC State. Later that afternoon I had the opportunity to meet with NC State Vice-President, Nate Spain, NC State President Bryan Mears, and NC State Treasurer, Kyle Shepherd. All of the meetings with the officers were great as we discussed the future of the chapter.Wednesday night, I had dinner with all of these officers. After dinner, we headed to set up for the formal dessert night. We had great desserts and dressed up for the last rush event. That night we had the opportunity to interview 7 of the rushees. All 7 of whom pledged and now have become the Alpha class of Beta Upsilon Chi at NC State. I am going to list the names of all 13 men below so that you can be praying over these 13 men as they help bring BYX to NC State. The chapter is in great hands! These men are motivated and love the Lord. The love each other and are great servants. The future is bright for BYX at NC State. Wednesday night/Thursday morning was tied up with interviews until 2:30 a.m. Then planning for the bid and big brother ceremonies for the following night which lasted until 4:30 a.m. Just enough time for me to get ready and go catch my 6:00 a.m. flight! It was busy but SO awesome!!! GO PACK!

Bryan Mears- President
Nate Spain- Vice President
Bradley Monroe- Secretary
TJ Louie- Pledge Captain
Kyle Shepherd- Treasurer
Miles Farthing- Chaplain

Justin Sawyer
Logan Sawyer
Will Jackson
Daniel Ellis


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