BYX Ski Week

January 5th – 9th, 75 brothers from 8 chapters gathered in Keystone Colorado for some great fellowship and some great skiing. Our national staff arrived in Keystone on Tuesday afternoon and checked into to some great accomodations set up by High Point Travel in Dallas. We welcome the brothers in as they arrived and looked forward to some great times. The best part about the BYX ski week really was the fact that there really was no agenda, no time requirements, but only a week of brotherhood and unity. We crossed paths with brothers over dinner and on the slopes each day.

Wednesday January 6th, the staff headed to Breckenridge for the first day of skiing. We were on the slopes at 9:00AM and by 11:30 already starting to wear down a bit. The morning was slowed by our first injury on the slopes. Nathan Miller, BYX ministry associate, fell awkwardly and spent the remainder of the day in the clinic at the bottom of the hill with a sprained lumbar and some stretch
ed muscles. That ended his run on the slopes. On Wednesday afternoon, a good snow storm rolled into the area. The wind picked up and the snow was blowing pretty good. We ended our day about 3:00 because of the storm and headed back to Keystone.
Thursday was a much better day of skiing. The storms had left and it was a beautiful sunny day with no wind and fresh snow. Granted, it was still about 12 degrees outside, but it was beautiful. We stayed close in Keystone on Thursday and really enjoyed a great day of skiing. We were joined by Kansas chapter president Todd Dorsey for the afternoon. We again cut the day on slopes a little short so we could get to the conference room and set up the video feed for the BCS National Championship game. We had to set up the video projector, order the pizzas and pick up the soft drinks for the big game. We had some concern about whether we were going to find the right setup for the projector. After a little help from a Christian brother on staff at the hotel, we had everything set up for the big game. The brothers rolled in at 6:00 and we enjoyed an evening of food, fun and fellowship for nearly everyone. The only exception were the 13 Longhorn brothers who didn’t have a great night, but none the less I think they enjoyed themselves.
Friday we drove over to Vail for another beautiful day of skiing. The weather was a cool 15 degrees, but the sun was shining and the snow was great. Vail is just one of those mountains that you can ski for a couple of days without ever hitting the same run. We picked up a couple of t-shirts on our way out and counted ourselves lucky that all of our extremities still worked as they should. All in all, we had 4 injuries on the trip. Nathan’s back, a broken collar bone and a concussion by a couple of Vanderbilt guys, and a hyper-extended knee by a UNT brother. 4 injuries out of 75 18-22 year olds on skis is not to bad I guess.
We headed home to Fort Worth on Saturday January 10th at 6:30AM and arrived home about 10:00PM. It was a long trip, but a very enjoyable one for all the brothers and our staff. We are already making plans for BYX Ski Week 2011. The brothers enjoyed 4 nights lodging, 3 days skiing, lift tickets, and ski rentals for a low price of $300 dollars a brother. We are planning for even more brothers to come out and join us next year.

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  1. It is not nice when you decide to go skiing and suddenly your friend or partner fells and has to spend the whole day at the clinic. But that usually doesn´t happen. It is a shame that it happened to you. I am going to las leñas winter 2010 in Argentina. I hope it will be awesome. We are going to take all the precautions so that no injuries occur.CheersLaura

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