Summit 2010

Many of you have begun to ask your ministry associate questions regarding Summit 2010. The when, the where, the how much. We greatly appreciate each of you in your efforts to plan ahead for next Spring.
As the officer retreat concluded, we began to turn our efforts towards the planning of Summit 2010 to get answers to your questions. We looked at distances from your chapters to Summit (Cedar Hill, Texas), particularly the safety issues and the costs of what it takes the average member to get to Summit. We ran thorough costs structures models that looked at equaling out the cost for the chapters traveling far and the chapters who are nearby. After taking into account the safety issues of have 9 chapters drive 1,000 miles or more for a 24 hour retreat, and looking at the cost structure of what it would take, the Executive Board of Directors, Advisory Board, and National Staff have come to the conclusion that Summit is no longer feasible given all the facts. Therefore, WE HAVE DECIDED TO CANCEL SUMMIT.
This has been a very difficult decision for us as we have all enjoyed having so many brothers come together for worship, brotherhood and unity in Christ. We are very concerned at what this decision will do to impact our “national unity” as a fraternity. We have spent some significant time thinking through this and we as nationals are working to implement some new ideas that will foster national unity. There are many ideas, but some of the include:
1) Founders Week Oct 3-11th (introduced at the officer retreat)
2) Brother Chapters (introduced in 2009)
3) Board Tour (we have paired each of our 13 board members up with two chapters a piece. They will be coming to your chapter in 2010 to share national vision, and meet face to face with you and your members).
4) Ski Trip 2010: We have 75 brothers from 10 chapters committed in only the 1st year. We plan on expanding the ski trip opportunity in January 2011.
Those are just a few of the things we are working towards in 2010 to promote national unity among the fraternity. There are more and as we develop them, we will begin to discuss them with you.
Thank you for your steadfast leadership in BYX. There are times as leaders that we are faced with difficult decisions. The decision to move away from Summit has been one of those difficult decisions. We pray that the Lord would continue to strengthen the brotherhood and unity we experience in Him. If you have further questions, please feel free to contact me or your ministry associate.
In One Accord,
Jason Hoyt
Beta Upsilon Chi, Inc.

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  1. I am sad to hear this news, but maybe in the future, we could do regional summits like one in texas and one in the southeast. Half go to Texas and half go to the southeast somewhere. It will be a lot harder to coordinate and pull it off, but it is an option to bring back summit.

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