BYX Board Meeting

What can I say about the weekend, but awesome. I arrived at Mount Lebanon encampment on Thursday evening late in preparation for the long weekend. I didn’t anticipate the rain Thursday and Friday, but everyone arrived safely.

Friday morning at 7:00 am, we started our Executive Board meeting with Chuck James, Brett Williams, David Daniels, Wendel Weaver, Cody Dick and myself. These meetings can be pretty intense at times, but I always learn so much from the wisdom and decision making from these older brothers.

At 9:00AM, the national staff joined the board meeting until lunch. During that time we made some philosophy changes to chapters making announcements during chapter and those who are allowed to speak to our members at chapter. These are both changes that have been brought to our attention by our chapters and they have made great arguments for why things need to be changed some.

After lunch, our advisory board joined us for the rest of the afternoon. Loren Hsiao, Drew Christman, Jared Musgrove, and Dillon Barker have served on the advisory board for the last 18 months and we added David Pearson, Christian Pinkston, Kyle Kight, and Joshua Brown. That now makes 13 men who serve at the highest level of leadership in BYX. Each of our advisory board members are serving in specific roles from care ministry, fundraising, mentor programming, alumni relations, and public relations and marketing. I am more than thrilled to have so many men to serve along side. Each of these men have so many gifts and talents and the common theme is that they love Jesus and they love BYX. I really believe the Lord has some really great things in store for BYX in the next several years as each of us continue to serve together.


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