BYX Nationals visits Texas A&M

by National Associate Tyler Rogers

On Friday October 30 I left Fort Worth and headed south to College Station. I arrived at faculty adviser Sean McGuire’s house where I would stay for the weekend. Sean was the faculty adviser for the UGA chapter when I was president there in 2008. He received his undergrad at A&M and his PhD at Georgia. Now Sean is an accounting professor at A&M. Sean and his wife Tara were great host and let me stay with them. When I arrived to A&M I decided that I would go to midnight yell practice, one of the many traditions that the Aggies hold so dear. You are suppose to have a date to yell practiced, so I called a friend of mine, Kaleigh Cook and we went to the Hall for some two stepping and then to yell practice. I was immediately impressed by the tradition and thought it was awesome.

On Saturday, Sean and I woke up and headed to campus to enjoy some tailgating a good day of football. The treasurer elect Helm Donahue’s parents had a great tailgate set up for the guys and we really enjoyed some great food and fellowship. After the tailgate, Sean and I walked to Kyle Field and I experienced my first FIGHTIN TEXAS AGGIE football game. I thought it was so unique and really awesome. Now I can saw those horns off with the best of them. After the game, I met up with some friends and went to dinner. After dinner I went out with some BYX guys to celebrate Halloween.

Sunday I woke up and went with Sean and Tara to church. That evening Sean had the current and newly elected officers over for dinner. Tara made us some really great Chili and we had a ton of fun joking around. After dinner we had an officer meeting. The meeting was long but great. The men at A&M have really made a lot of progress in their infrastructural leadership development. They created over twenty opportunities for men to have a leadership role in their chapter. This is a huge step for the guys at A&M as they continue to engage and develop leaders through their chapter.

Monday I met with the newly elected officers. I also went to pledge meeting which was awesome. Mike, the pledge captain, had planned an open mic night for the pledges. It was so awesome to hear the pledges share their hearts and discuss what BYX has meant to them. They gave a challenge to their pledge class about setting a new standard of commitment. After pledge meeting, chapter went well. It was great to see the guys again. After chapter, most of the guys headed to Reed Arena to experience After Dark. It was great to experience such an amazing display of God’s awesomeness with my brothers.

Tuesday, I woke up and had meetings with some of the current officers as well as had lunch with Sean and BYX alumni Travis Berry. My trip to A&M offered me nothing but hope, as I saw the improvements the guys were making. They really are moving full steam ahead in College Station. Gig’em Aggies!


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