BYX Nationals Visits LSU

by Nick England
Ministry Associate

I had to spend my Friday night avoiding people so that I could get in bed early. Let’s just say it wasn’t fun, but that’s not what I was thinking about. I awoke early and left the house at 5:30 in the morning so it was no surprise that I was tired, but that’s not what I was thinking about. I hopped on the plane for my 7 o’clock flight, buckled up, tipped my hat over my eyes and dozed off singing to myself, “operator won’t you put me on through…” Next thing I know, we’ve landed in Louisiana’s fair capital just in time to grab breakfast with James, LSU secretary. I had the pleasure of catching up with James over banana pancakes at Baton Rouge’s prized diner, Louie’s. After breakfast we dropped my stuff off at the house where some of the officers live and went to get ready for the tailgate. We ate some great food, watched football and played a couple games of washers. But that’s still not what I was thinking about. Being an avid college football fan I had heard of the reputation LSU held…eerie things happen in Death Valley at night. I walked over to the stadium alone from the tailgate. Thankfully enough I was wearing my LSU gear. This was the first college home game I would go to where I wasn’t cheering on my Sooners. Auspiciously enough, LSU played Auburn that night, one my other BYX chapters. However, there would be no dispute here, I was a tiger that night…an LSU tiger. The game was a blast! I got to learn what the students do at the games and see LSU really have a breakthrough in their performance this season. It certainly was a long day, but a great one. Louisiana Saturday night.

Sunday I attended church with Will, LSU treasurer. It was a great service and was followed by an interesting afternoon. Will and I wanted to go to lunch but unfortunately his car wasn’t working…so just like I did in elementary school, we hopped on some bikes. That’s right, Will and I rode our bikes a good ways to grab some great Cajun food for lunch. The rest of the day I was able to catch up with some of the guys and enjoyed going to the officer meeting followed by a great dinner with some of the officers.

Monday was a little busier. I met with the incoming officers and got to know the men who will be leading BYX this next year. They have a great group of officers who will lead the chapter at a pivotal time in their growth. Before chapter I had the opportunity of hanging out with a bunch of the members and pledges for dinner but this dinner was particularly funny. The men in BYX at LSU are known for their pranks and I was privileged to witness one of them. Fun was had by all and it ended up in somewhat of a “brawl” in the men’s bathroom. After dinner we headed over to pledge meeting then chapter. It was great to see such a solid group of men who have been doing BYX for only a year. These men truly get brotherhood and unity.


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