BYX Nationals Visits UGA

by Nathan Miller, Ministry Associate

The BYX Chapter at the University of Georgia is one that I have had the joy of working with for 3 semesters now and every time I go is such a great time…my visit from October 11-13 was no exception.
On Sunday, October 11th, I boarded a plane in Dallas and headed out towards Atlanta to meet with my brothers down in Georgia. After arriving in Atlanta I hopped in my rental car and after getting lost (thank you iPhone maps) I finally made it in to Athens at about 9:30 pm. I wasn’t able to meet with the brothers because they were having a pancake fundraising dinner for the family of Scott Minear, the brother who was involved in a serious car accident over the summer. The event was a HUGE success as the chapter raised well over a $1000 to give to Scott’s family…what a testament to the brotherhood, unity and fellowship that is taking place down in Athens, GA!!!
On Monday morning I left the hotel in what seemed to be a monsoon and made my way over to Jittery Joe’s in the Student Learning Center. I spent the next couple of hours meeting with some of the current officers and some of the guys who were running for office for 2010. When it was time for lunch I was thrilled. You see, Athens has this amazing soul food place called Peaches and I absolutely LOVE going there. So Chris Laney (President) and Forrest Powers (active) picked me up and we headed that way. We pulled into an empty parking lot and were incredibly saddened when we saw a sign on the door that said “Closed for Columbus Day”. Instead of sitting down and eating the best food of my life, I had to settle for eating Jason’s Deli and then listening to Forrest rock out to “Party in the USA” by Miley Cyrus…ya…I know!
They dropped me off back at the SLC and I did more interviews until it was time for chapter.
At about 5:30 PM I walked into the room where they have chapter and sat in on the Pre-Chapter Prayer Meeting that they do every week. We took time to pray for the chapter, elections (which were that night), chair nominations and praised God for the amazing success of the fundraiser the night before.
After an amazing time of worship the officers passed out the ballots for the 2010 officers. After those were all collected I got up and addressed the chapter on the saving power and the beauty of the cross. Once my talk ended we circled up, prayed and sang and then we headed out to World of Wings for some cheap wings!!!
While we ate and enjoyed some amazing time of great food and fellowship, the ballots were counted and the winners were notified. I think it is safe to say that in the hands of the men that were elected, the strength and success of BYX at UGA will continue to grow and deepen!
On Tuesday morning I headed back to Jittery Joe’s and met with a couple more of the men and then packed up and drove back to Atlanta (I didn’t get lost this time) and I made my way back home to DFW!
As always my trip to UGA was a blast. The men down there in Athens simply get BYX. They have an amazing balance of social involvement on campus and spiritual growth and their unity and brotherhood is some of the strongest that I have seen. They continue to grow and next spring, depending on graduates and pledges, they should break the 100 member mark for good…God is so amazing!
Please continue to pray for the guys down in Athens and pray that the Holy Spirit will give wisdom and discernment to the young men that were elected to be officers for 2010. Also keep praying for Scott Minear. While I am pleased to report that he is recovering well and is in good spirits, he has a lot of rehab and physical therapy to go and I know that he would appreciate your prayers!
Go Dawgs!

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