BYX Nationals Visits HBU

by Nathan Miller, Ministry Associate

We all love stories of redemption. Stories of people who were down and out, the odds were against them and they unexpectedly rise up and overcome the obstacles set before them and stand victorious. Well BYX at HBU is probably the best BYX-related redemption story that I can think of right now.
It was only a year and a half ago that things were looking pretty grim at HBU. Chapter membership was decreasing, morale was low, reputation on campus was poor and the chapter was placed on probation. Well, a new group of officers were brought in, some new passionate pledges joined the brotherhood and now the fraternity is growing and the future looks very bright at HBU.
I had the joy of going down there this past week. I made my way down to Houston on Wednesday night and met with about 15 of the guys at a local Chili’s. We had an absolute blast just catching up and sharing what is going on in our lives. After talking and laughing for about 2 hours we left and I went to the hotel for the night.
I spent most of my day on Thursday in the Lakehouse Lobby meeting with current officers, potential officers and even some current pledges. I had a great time talking to them about BYX at HBU, BYX nationally, what God is doing in their lives and what their goal and vision is for the fraternity on their campus.
When it was time for dinner, Calvin and I headed to what I call China Town Houston for some amazing and authentic Asian food. After some amazing food and some great conversation, we headed back to campus for chapter meeting and nominee speeches.
One of the things that is noticeably different about BYX at HBU is the passion and energy in chapter meeting. Where before there was apathy and slight boredom, now there is pure excitement and passion. That passion carried over in our time of worship. I was blown away as I listened to the men sing “Revelation Song” about as loud as I’ve ever heard a group sing…it was a really awesome moment.
After worship, the men accepting nominations for officer positions took the floor and spoke about why they want to be an officer and then opened things up for questions. There were some great questions asked and the guys gave very good answers. After meeting with all of the potential officers and hearing them share their hearts and vision for BYX, there is no doubt in my mind that BYX is going to continue to grow and expand all over HBU’s campus.
As I’ve said before, HBU BYX is a great story of redemption. They have an amazing core of young guys who believe in BYX and are determined to impact the campus in a big way. They have the 2nd largest pledge class of any group or fraternity on campus this semester and the men that are pledging are solid! Their chapter events are much better and their reputation on campus is amazing. Even the university administration is noticing the change in BYX and has reached out to them and is partnering with BYX in several ways. If things continue to progress the way that they are and the Lord continues to guide and bless them, I think it is only a matter of time before BYX becomes the largest fraternity on campus!
I am so proud of the guys down at HBU and you should be too. Please continue to pray that the Lord would continue to grow and bless the men on this campus and pray that the Lord would use the men of BYX at HBU to greatly impact the university and the surrounding area!


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