BYX Nationals Visits Texas Tech

by Nathan Miller, Ministry Associate

My visit to the Eta Chapter at Texas Tech, and the weekend leading up to it, is something that I will never forget. Not only will I remember this visit because I am a Texas Tech Alumni and it was great being back on campus, but more importantly, I will always remember this visit because the Friday that I flew to Lubbock, TX was the day that I proposed to the love of my life and we became officially engaged…what a rush! After spending the next two days with her I had to leave her and begin my BYX visit.

On Sunday, October 4th, I met up with the current officers at Spanky’s for some amazing burgers and some delicious fried cheese (best in the state if you ask me). We spent about two hours catching up and talking about issues pertaining to the chapter. I answered questions about Nationals and some things that we are doing and I explained some policy issues to them as well. That, mixed in with great discussion about chapter meetings and homecoming events and things like that, led to a great night of conversation and fellowship amongst brothers.

On Monday, I met with all of the current officers and discussed some issues in the chapter, talked about the vision and direction that I feel that Tech BYX needs to go, challenged the officers to grow and be held accountable in certain areas, and just listened to their hearts and where the Lord was leading them. Tech has had to deal with a fair amount of issues over the last year and a half but I firmly believe that this semester’s officers are committed to turning things around and getting BYX back to where it can be and where it needs to be!

When all of my meetings were done I headed over to First Christian Church for chapter meeting. The meeting this week was a pretty busy one. They started off with some announcements pertaining the chapter, including joint Bible studies with Chi Omega and Kappa Alpha Theta, played a funny You Tube video and then announced the big and lil pairings for the semester, held nominations for officers for 2010 and then I addressed the chapter.

After a busy and challenging meeting, I went to Jaliscos with several of the actives and pledges. We ate some delicious food, told stories, talked about anything you can imagine and had an amazing time of brotherhood and fellowship.
On Tuesday, I had a couple more meetings, some time with my new fiance and her family, and then I hopped on a plane and came back to the Metroplex…what an amazing weekend that I will never forget!

As I stated before, Tech has endured quite a bit over the last year and a half and while I do believe that they are in the process of rebuilding there are some issues for concern. First of all, they did get 18 pledges this semester which is a great start to the rebuilding process. However, as with most chapters, they are in need of prayer for who is going to step into leadership for 2010. Also, the chapter is going to be making a push to get things back to where they need to be spiritually and this will take a good amount of time, effort and cooperation so I ask you to please be in prayer for them as they attempt to get things back to where they know things need to be! Also, please continue to be in prayer for Kevin Crowder the chapter Vice President. While serving in Uganda, Kevin contracted Malaria and is still feeling the effects of the disease…please pray that the healing hand of the Spirit would be upon him!


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