BYX Nationals Visits Texas State

by Nathan Miller, Ministry Associate

Growing up in Universal City, TX I know the San Marcos area fairly well so I was pretty excited about having the opportunity to head down that way and meet with the BYX guys at Texas State! I headed down that way on September 29th and after making a quick stop at the Polo Outlet Store I met up with all of the officers at Dos Flores for some good food and sat in on their officer meeting. After discussing everything from chapter, cell groups, retreats, service projects, Island Party and work out weekend, we parted ways to get ready for a long day of meetings and interviews.The next morning I had the joy of having breakfast at the Root Cellar with their faculty advisor, Dr. Greg Marshall, or as we all know him…the infamous Doc G! I met with him for about 2 hours or so and it was just an amazing time of great fellowship, conversation and encouragement…Doc G is a stud!

Most of the day Wednesday was spent meeting with current officers in the Student Union area on campus. We had great conversation on the direction and vision of BYX at TX ST as well as the future of the officers and leadership of the chapter. These guys care about BYX and want to see it thrive on campus…no question.

After meeting with the young men for about 9 hours it was time to head over to the San Marcos River where we were having an outdoor chapter meeting that night! There is this cool area where they have created this spillway off of the river that is perfect for kayakers and surfers…yes surfers in San Marcos, TX. The men had the opportunity to jump in and swim around for a little while before chapter started. We spent some time in joint worship and then I was able to address the chapter on what BYX means to me and exactly how the Lord has used BYX in my life. I encouraged the men to take advantage of the opportunities that they had to truly enjoy BYX and get the most out of it and followed it with a charge to the men about the potential of the chapter.
The men had a football game at 11 that night but since I am getting old and decrepit I said goodbye and went to my hotel and left the following morning.

I had a great visit with the men down at Texas State and there is definitely a lot to be excited about with the chapter. The current officers are doing a phenomenal job of setting the tone and vision of the chapter and the rest of the men seem to buy into it. They also are welcoming in a group of solid young men with this semester’s pledge class and the guys seem to be very excited about being a part of BYX.

As with all chapters, there are a couple of areas that need prayer. Please be in prayer for the future leadership of the chapter. While there are some solid men in the chapter, we continue to pray that the Lord would just press upon the hearts of those that He is calling into leadership. They are also going to be losing a fair amount of their actives over the next two semesters to graduation and they need to replenish their numbers; pray that the Lord would continue to bring young men into the brotherhood that fully grasp the purpose and vision of BYX and that they would lead to the chapter staying on the path they are currently walking!

I can’t wait to go back in the Spring and I think this time I will bring more money for the Outlet Stores…ha.


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