BYX Nationals Visits OU

by Nathan Miller, Ministry Associate

On September 27th I took the drive up 35 and headed up to Norman, OK to visit with my BYX brothers at OU. I had never been to Norman before but I had heard many great things and I know several guys that are OU alumni so I was pretty pumped up to go and check things out for myself…I wasn’t disappointed.

After checking in at the hotel and getting things in order, I headed over to campus to meet with several officers and potential officers in the Sooner Schooner Room. From the very beginning I was impressed and encouraged with the quality of the leadership that the OU chapter has.

After meeting with current and potential officers for about 5 hours, it was time to head back to the hotel and get dressed up for Formal Chapter. I arrived at the Santee Lounge, which is a pretty cool meeting place, and was greeted by well over 100 guys dressed up in suits…pretty impressive. I was able to catch the end of the President’s Council Meeting and then it was time for chapter to start. After worshipping and sharing announcements with the chapter, I had the privilege of speaking to all of the men.

I had a message prepared but about 10 minutes before I was to talk, the Lord laid a different message on my heart and I began to speak to the men about a passage out of Hebrews 12 and I felt like the presence of the Lord was definitely in that place…it was pretty amazing.

After my talk, I thought that chapter was over…I was wrong. Brett Hopkins (President) decided that they were going to bring back the Birdsong Challenge that night and I competed against a representative from every pledge class. We had 1 minute to try and chug an entire bottle of syrup…I didn’t win but I feel like I held my own, even though my stomach felt absolutely terrible.

After a night of sugar rushes and headaches, I met with a few officers at Ozzy’s for some great breakfast. We talked and fellowshipped for a while and then I headed back to the Sooner Schooner Room to finish all of my interviews. Upon completion, I headed back down 35 and made my way back to Texas!

All in all, things are looking pretty good at OU. They have 44 pledges this semester and all accounts point to them being a very dedicated and excited group of young men that the chapter is pretty excited about. The current group of officers at OU are leading the men very effectively but it appears that the next wave of leadership at OU is going to be just as solid, if not more so!

My first visit to Norman was a great success and I can’t wait to go back there in the Spring…maybe this time I won’t have to do it with a stomach full of cheap syrup!


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