BYX Nationals visits SMU

by Ministry Associate Tyler Rogers

On Friday September 25 I drove over to Dallas to visit the men of BYX at SMU. As I arrived, I could not help but noticed the impeccable landscaping and architecture that made the campus so great. I settled in the Student Center and met with current and potential officers all afternoon. I was encouraged as I continue to learn more and more about the men of BYX and the state the fraternity is currently in there. After my meetings, I joined President Jeremy Wilkins, and I went to the officer meeting. It was great seeing the full exec working together to discuss the ins and outs of BYX at SMU. After the officer meeting I joined the rest of the actives and traveled to White Rock Lake, where I was fortunate enough to get to experience the Big/Little Revelation ceremony. I enjoyed spending time talking to the guys and watching the pledges find out who their big brother was going to be, as well as which family’s house they would be a part of. After the Big/Little Revelation, we sent the pledges off to their pledge retreat, and I joined the actives as Cafe Brazil to hang out and eat some food. I enjoyed spending time getting to know these fellas.

SMU’s chapter has a unique tradition they do called Coliseum. Coliseum is a competition of sorts based on five houses the fraternity has been divided into. Each house, named after the original five big brothers, has its own history and pride. The houses compete each semester to gain points to and win Coliseum overall for the semester. Coliseum is encorporated into nearly every aspect of what they do, including cell groups, chapter meetings, assasins, and other competitive activities. Coliseum is awesome.

On Monday, September 28, I returned to campus to have a few more meetings and to attend chapter meeting. I had the opportunity to meet several more guys and to speak at chapter. I spoke on remaining focused on the commitments we make as men of God. It was great seeing the guys. SMU’s chapter of BYX is doing great things. These guys have really established how to encourage brotherhood. They do the fraternity well. This semester they are focusing on continuing to develop brotherhood, as well as getting their name out on campus to further the ability to recruit guys. And of course, the continue to do a great job of protecting Frank, who they stole from Texas A&M last year. Be praying for the men at SMU as they begin to make structural changes that will lay the foundation for them to support a larger chapter in the future as they continue to grow larger.


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