BYX Nationals Visits SFA

Having never been to Nacogdoches before, I wasn’t really sure what to expect…all in all I was pleasantly surprised. I arrived in Nacogdoches on Sunday September 20th and after watching the first quarter of the Cowboys/Giants game in my hotel, I headed over to the SFA campus to meet with the current officers and attend their weekly officer meeting. After introducing myself to all of the men we talked about chapter events, cell groups, pledge interviews, the state of the chapter and the future leadership of BYX at SFA. When all of the officers had discussed the items pertaining to their office, I was able to speak briefly with the officers as a group and tell them what I feel the vision for SFA BYX is and gave a little insight into how I think that goal can be accomplished. I reiterated that Nationals is here to help them in any way possible and assured them that we would do anything we possibly could do for them. After everyone spoke and Aaron (chaplain) closed us in prayer, we turned on the TV just in time to see the Giants kick a game winning field goal against the Cowboys…it was a rough ending to a great meeting…ha.

On Monday I was able to meet with some of the current officers one on one and was able to get a feel for where their hearts are at. Not only with the Lord but with BYX and simply life in general. We discussed issues that pertain directly to their office and we also talked about the overall health of the chapter and the direction that the officers want BYX to go. The men openly shared their hearts and I was able to share mine with them as well and all in all the meetings were very beneficial.

Monday night I had the privilege of attending and speaking at the weekly chapter meeting. I addressed the men as a group and I told them about how the Lord used BYX in my life, where I think BYX at SFA can be in the very near future, and discussed what it is going to take from the actives, the officers, and Nationals to make sure that this goal is accomplished. The talk went well and I believe the men were able to see a vision of where BYX can be on their campus very soon.

After chapter, several of us met up with some of the SFA Phi Lambs at Bullfrogs for some 30 cent wings! After a great night of fun, food and fellowship it was time to head back to the hotel and get some sleep.

Tuesday morning I had two more meetings with current officers that also went extremely well. We discussed everything from relationships to leadership to our own personal battles and struggles and the Lord really blessed the time spent in those meetings. After grabbing some lunch at Raisin Canes it was back to Fort Worth!

The leadership at SFA is undoubtedly devoted and committed to making BYX succeed on their campus and if they are able to sustain that passion and commitment, I believe they will accomplish that. There are some things that they definitely need prayer for however. Please be in prayer over future leadership for this chapter, please be in prayer that the Lord would continue to sustain and grow this chapter, and pray that the Lord would install a passion and a desire for all of the men in the chapter to actively seek His will out in their lives and that the Lord would use BYX in the same way that He has used it for thousands of other men across the country!


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