BYX Nationals Visits the University of Central Arkansas

by Nick England, Ministry Associate

We landed in Little Rock on Sunday afternoon to be welcomed by gorgeous weather and Kane Moix along with TJ Beringer. It had been many months of talking through business items with Kane that had finally culminated into our Phase 3 visit earlier this week. After Jason and I rested up at the hotel a little bit before dinner, Kane picked us up to meet the guys at Old Chicago for some great pizza and fellowship with the men. They had over 15 guys there that night for us to get to know and talk life with. After dinner we had the privilege of getting a campus tour while also getting to know some of the guys even better. You could say that after the dinner we knew this would be a great visit.

The second day of our Phase 3 visits is always a long one but a good one. Jason and I spent the entire day getting to know the officers and training them on their positions. We were able to do all of the training in our hotel’s breakfast area which was nice to be able to do thanks to the cooperation of the men. At noon we took a break for lunch with Kane and TJ at a barbecue restaurant called “Whole Hog” in Conway. When Jason and I had finished with all of our meetings with the officers we went to Stoby’s for dinner, a Conway favorite. From dinner we met up with the officers once again to cover the Constitution and run through questions they had for us. It was a long day on Monday, but we went to their intramural football game to watch the men dominate their opponents in a great comeback to win the game 21-14. Fun was had by all, but Jason went to hit the sack and I went back with some of the guys to hang out a little longer before calling it a night.

Tuesday, Jason and I woke up to meet some of the men for breakfast at Stoby’s. After breakfast we walked around campus a little more then got ready to catch our plane back home. Kane and Kyle Boyd dropped us off at the airport in time for Jason and I to grab some lunch before our flight. All in all our visit to UCA was a great visit. These men grasp the vision for BYX and they were very professional and cordial while we were there in showing us around campus and asking great questions. We are excited about what the Lord is doing with the men in Conway. We ask that you would pray for them as they are looking for a faculty adviser and smooth details out with the university during the application process. If you are interested in details on how you can sponsor the men at UCA get in touch with us via email at


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